most beautiful lakes switzerland

7 of the Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland is world-famous for its charming villages and breathtaking alpine vistas. But did you know that Switzerland is also home to some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe? From hidden lakes sandwiched between glaciers, forests and mountains; to tranquil castle-side lakes that have a story to tell, Switzerland has it all. Whether you’re planning to visit or just looking for some Swiss wanderlust, here are the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

7 of the Most Beautiful Lakes in Switzerland

1. Riffelsee 

Few things wow like Switzerland’s most iconic peak, Mount Matterhorn. This mighty mountain is one of the most recognizable in the world and towers high about the majestic lake of Riffelsee. If the stunning centrepiece of Matterhorn weren’t enough, this lake is surrounded by hiking trails for every type of walker meaning you can take in its beauty from all angles. 

2. Oeschinensee 

Tucked deep within the Oeschin valley you’ll find one of Switzerland’s most serene and tranquil lakes – Oeschinensee. Framed by the towering peaks of Bernese Oberland, this alpine lake is nothing short of stunning with its bright turquoise waters. Not only that, but thanks to its remote location cradles between glaciers and forests, there is a plethora of wildlife to be observed.

3. Lake Lugano

Sharing a border with Italy, Lake Lugano is equal parts alpine and Mediterranean charm. Famous for its vibrant blue waters and lush greenery that surrounds, it can’t be missed when in the region. There is also a wonderful historic village known as Gandria on the banks making it a delight for nature lovers and history buffs alike. 

most beautiful lakes switzerland

4. Thunersee

This alpine lake is framed by verdant mountains and countless picturesque village that just scream Swiss countryside. Its mountainous landscape makes it a delight for hikers, and the area is also a huge draw for kayaking and fishing. Moreover, there are several historic churches and castle ruins that pepper the surrounding landscape. 

5. Lake Geneva

Dominating the area of Geneva and sharing a border with France, Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Europe and easily one of the most beautiful in Switzerland. In addition to its photogenic qualities, it’s famous for its iconic Jer d’Eau, a massive fountain recognized as a symbol of the lake and city. One sight not to miss is the fairytale castle of the ever-enchanting Chillon Castle sat right on the banks of Lake Geneva.

6. Lake Constance 

Situated on the Rhine and sharing an address with its German and Austrian neighbours, Lake Constance is a sight to behold. This gorgeous body of water is famous for its countless charming villages that surround and for its sheer size. Lake Constance is the third largest lake in Central Europe; and due to its complex borders, it’s still unclear in which country the lake ends and begins. 

most beautiful lakes switzerland

7. Lake Lucerne 

Formed some 12,000 years ago from the runoffs of the River Reuss’ glacier, Lake Lucerne is simply breathtaking. Not only does this lake provide stunning views of the alps; but it’s also the fourth largest in Switzerland and home to an enormous patchwork of history to explore. Whether you’re up for some relaxing, fishing, hiking or history exploration, there’s something for everyone. 

most beautiful lakes switzerland

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