Swiss dishes

7 Swiss Dishes You Have To Try

Switzerland is known for its beautiful scenery and great food, and there’s some stunning Swiss dishes to choose from. The small country is a centre of culinary excellence and their local cooking is truly special. If you want to try make some of these dishes at home, we’ve got some great recipes.

These recipes come from some of the world’s top food bloggers. The best of the best. You might not be able to travel to Switzerland but you can still enjoy the food. Make sure to follow the blogs and bookmark these wonderful Swiss dishes on the their sites so that you can make them on a regular basis.

It’s time to get into the kitchen and start cooking up a storm!

The Best Swiss Dishes

1. Cheddar Swiss Fondue

Soft Pretzel Sticks with Cheddar Swiss Fondue, yum! Soft pretzel bread sticks made easy with a quick shortcut. Then, dunk into a smooth and yummy cheese fondue. Easy Cheesy.

Recipe created by Erin.

2. St. Galler Bread

Swiss dishes are often served with great bread (think fondue!) and this recipe is the perfect place to start.

Recipe created by Claudia.

3. Swiss Mac Cheese Recipe (Alplermagronen)

There are are a few differences from American-style Mac and cheese, with the addition of Swiss cheeses, potatoes, bacon, served with apple sauce. It’s not made with a roux as a base.

Recipe created by Peter.

Swiss Dishes

4. Slow Cooker Swiss Steak

Slow Cooker Swiss Steak is fork-tender, tasty, and perfect for mashed potatoes! Prepare this using the crockpot for something rich, flavorful and easy for dinner!

Recipe created by Catalina.

Swiss Dishes

5. Healthy Double Chocolate Swiss Roll

Here’s how to make the most delicious and healthy double chocolate Swiss roll. It has an intense chocolate flavour, you’ll love it!

Recipe created by Ruxandra.

6. Zimtfladen

A cinnamon cake batter baked in a pastry crust coated with jam, the Zimtfladen comes from the cantons of Appenzell (Ausserrhoden and Innerrhoden), as well as the Toggenburg region of St. Gallen.

Recipe created by Heddi.

Swiss Dishes

7. Raclette

Potatoes loaded with cheese is always going to a great combination and this Swiss recipe will have you absolutely drooling.

Recipe created by Alexx.

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