New Hotel Concept

This New ‘No Walls’ Hotel Concept In Switzerland Is Incredible

Just when you thought you had seen it all in 2020, along comes a new hotel concept in Switzerland that is remarkable in terms of creativity.

To say this hotel has stripped things back would be an understatement. The owners are offering “rooms” which have no walls. Open space, prime stargazing views and just one big comfy bed. Guests also have their own private butler, who is a local expert.

The concept was initially an art installation, but the incredible reaction to it sparked the idea to turn the installation into a real hotel business. The company behind the new concept is called Zero Real Estate and they now have seven “rooms” across Switzerland.

New Hotel Concept

The rooms are opening in July and there’s already a huge demand…

  • Rooms start at $300 per night
  • 2 of the rooms are fully booked out for the rest of 2020
  • There are 9,000 people on the waiting list

New Hotel Concept

Each room comes with an onsite butler who is there to help guests with walking trails, local information and to provide food and drinks. Butler training includes a practical discipline of “making beds in strong winds” and “skipping creeks with a full tray”.

The key element is that there is also a nearby inside room, should the weather deteriorate.

The owners say that they want to “make Switzerland the walls” and why not? With such stunning scenery and that feeling of escapism this is going to be a big winner.

This really is taking the new hotel concept to a whole different level. Some might see it as paying for a bed in a field, but in our digital world this might be just the escape many people need.

Big 7 Travel Team