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7 Of The Must-See Museums In Paris

Planning to hit up some museums in Paris? Home to the Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s Self Portrait, The Thinker and Monet’s Water Lillies, Paris has an abundance of art.

With the world-famous Louvre, D’Orsay, Rodin, and over 100 more, it can be tough to figure out which ones to pencil in. That’s why we’ve created this list for you! Here are seven museums you shouldn’t miss while in Paris.

Must-See Museums In Paris

1. The Louvre

The first and most obvious choice is The Louvre. The Louvre has been a centrepiece of Paris since the 12th century when it began as a fortress for Philip II. In the Middle Ages, it was transformed into a palace until the French Revolution where it was finally made into a gallery. Vive la révolution!  

It’s no surprise that The Louvre is the largest and most visited museum in the world, given that it’s home to the world’s most famous face, Mona Lisa.

Here are the must-sees: Mona Lisa, Great Sphynx, Venus de Milo, Michelangelo’s Slaves and Liberty Leading The People.

2. Centre Pompidou

Known by locals as simply, ‘Beaubourg’, Centre Pompidou is home to Europe’s most extensive collection of modern art. Centre Pompidou combines modern art with a with futuristic architecture, a library, cinema and performance space.

Here are the must-sees: Constantin Brancusi, Bildnis der Journalistin and Frida Kahlo’s The Frame.

3. Musée d’Orsay

Located in the former Gare d’Orsay train station is one of Paris’ most famous museums, Musée d’Orsay. D’Orsay is France’s national museum fo fine arts and features mainly French art. Renowned for it’s Monet and Van Gogh collections, it houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist works in the world.

Here are the must-sees: Van Gogh’s Self Portrait, Olympia, Apples and Oranges, and Monet’s Blue Water Lillies. 

4. l’Orangerie

In 1852, Napoleon III needed a place to store citrus trees belonging to Tuileries Garden and had an Orangerie built. That same Orangerie is now an art gallery home to famous works by Sisley, Picasso, Monet and many more. Here you can find one of Monet’s most famous Water Lillies pieces, it spans two oval rooms and is breathtaking.

Here are the must-sees: After Water Lillies, be sure to check out Pomme Et Biscuits and Picasso’s Grande Nature Morte.

5. Musée Rodin

Named after one of history’s most influential sculptors, Rodin Museum is a must for anyone who loves sculpture. The museum is located on two different sites, one being Villa des Brillants at Meudon, the former home of Rodin and the other being Hotel Biron. Here you can find 8,000 drawings and over 6,500 sculptures, the most famous of which is The Thinker. 

best museums Paris

6. Grand Palais

This massive glass palace sits between the Seine and Champs Elysees and is THE place for exhibition lovers. Year-round Grand Palais showcases some of the world’s most exclusive and iconic exhibitions such as Greco and Toulouse-Lautrec. If you’re a fan of ice skating, Grand Palais also holds the world’s largest ice rink during select months of the year!

best museums Paris

7. Musee Marmottan 

Fans of Monet, this is the spot for you! This centuries-old hunting lodge turned art gallery is perfect for impressionist fans. The Marmottan Museum is home to over 300 Monet paintings making it the largest Monet collection in the world. Be sure to check out his Sunrise collection.

best museums Paris

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