7 Things Paris is Famous for

With roughly 30 million visitors per year, Paris is one of the world’s most sought after and beloved tourist destinations. From the charming cafe culture, countless historical landmarks and unbelievable romance, it isn’t really hard to see why. Whether you’re planning to visit the City of Lights or are just brushing up, here are a few things Paris is famous for.

What is Paris famous for?

1. The Eiffel Tower

Towering over the Champs de Mars in the heart of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is easily one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Every night the tower lights up only furthering the city’s reputation as the City of Light. Built for a world fair in the late 1800s, the Eiffel Tower has seen some of Paris’ most pivotal historical events in both World Wars. Learn more interesting tidbits about the Eiffel Tower here.

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2. World Class Museums

Paris is known for having some of the best museums in the world – namely, Palais du Louvre. The sprawling museum was originally built as a fortress in the 14th century and now holds the title for the world’s largest museum with prized artworks such as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Other famous museums in Paris include D’Orsay and the Centre Pompidou.

3. Seine River

Not only is the Seine one of the world’s most famous rivers, but it’s also one of the main reasons that Paris exists today. Over the centuries the Seine has served as one of the primary means for trade and commerce to the city and helped put Paris on the map economically. Today the Seine is protected by UNESCO and remains a staple in the Parisian landscape.

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4. Fashion

Few things are more iconically Parisian than its fashion. Paris has been a leader in the world of fashion for centuries and continues to be a major hub for couture and notable designers. In fact, Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest global events in the world of style.

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image: Fashion Week/Facebook

5. French Food

French food is almost as famous in Paris as its landmarks and trust us, it goes far beyond baguettes and croissants. The French cuisine is known for its large variety of unique foods such as escargot (snails), foie gras (duck liver), coq au vin, classic french onion soup, and so much more. It’s not all about the savoury plates, either. The sweet dishes are out of this world with classic crepes, chocolate souffle and everyone’s favourite – macarons.

6. Shopping

Going hand in hand with fashion, shopping is undoubtedly an integral part of Paris. The entire city is full to the brim with everything from luxury brand stores to small boutiques, each providing a shopping experience like no other. Just take a stroll down the most famous shopping street in the world, Champs-Elysees, and you’ll find a shopaholic’s dream of shops like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more.

7. Catacombs

One of Paris’ darkest yet famous monuments is the Catacombs. Holding the remains of more than 6 million people throughout Paris’ underground tunnels, there are more than a few eerie stories that lure tourists there year after year. Among the 6 million, there are plenty of notable figures such as King Louis the 16th and Queen Marie Antoinette. Centuries later the Catacombs has become of the most famous cemeteries in the world.

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