The 7 Best Amsterdam Bars

The 7 Best Bars In Amsterdam

When arriving in a new city, one of the first things most people seek out is a good cold or stiff drink. Amsterdam bars operate at a seriously high level and come in all shapes and sizes so we’ve whittled them down to the 7 very best in the city.

Start working your way through these spots and you won’t go wrong…

Best Amsterdam Bars

1. De Drie Fleschjes

Walking into this bar is like taking a step back in time and the absolute highlight is sampling some classic Jenever (Dutch gin). The staff though, are what really make the place special – along with the feeling that the walls could almost talk with all the stories.

You’ll find them here.

De Drie Fleschjes Bar in Amsterdam

2. The Pulitzer Hotel Bar

This swish hotel bar specialises in high-end cocktails, where the drinks are made with clinical precision.  The bar had a full makeover in 2016 and is always busy, so make sure to plan ahead and arrive early.

You’ll find them here.

The Pulitzer Hotel Bar

3. Tunes Bar

You’ll get a cracking gin and tonic – or indeed any gin cocktail you have a craving for – in this bar at the Conservatorium hotel on Museum Square. Although gin is their strong point, you’ll find something for everybody and it’s the sort of place you could easily linger for hours.
You’ll find them here.

Tunes Bar in Amsterdam

4. Brouwerij Troost

They have four locations around the city,  so keep in mind that this is the spot to come to if you’re a true beer lover. You can even take guided tasting tours and all the beer is matched up with some delicious food options. They only bad thing about this spot is having to leave.
You’ll find them here.

Brouwerij Troost Bar

5. Cafe Schuim

This bar is so many things to so many different people. During the day, a wonderful place to sit and reflect with a beer (especially out on the terrace in warmer months). In the evenings though, it stays open late and is party central.

You’ll find them here.

Cafe Schuim Bar

6. Hiding In Plain Sight

They have some of the best bartenders in the city here, who’ll whip you up some of the old classics with new twists. Want to fit in? Locals shorten the name to ‘HPS’.
You’ll find them here.

Amsterdam Bars

7. Beer Temple

With over 30 beers on tap and 60 American bottled beers, you’d be forgiven for thinking this spot is just aimed at the broad tourist market. The reality though, is that the beer and service here is better than anywhere in the city in terms of quality and variety.

You’ll find them here.

Beer Temple Bar in Amsterdam

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