Hotel Of The Day: Crane Hotel Faralda, Netherlands

We share the world’s best bucket list hotels on Big 7 Travel on a regular basis, but we can safely say we’ve never seen one that’s housed inside an Amsterdam crane.

The Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam gives you the opportunity to sleep over 40m above the ground, inside beautifully designed suites in a fully converted crane that also happens to have spectacular views of the city.

Where is the “Crane Hotel?”

The former harbour ship crane is situated on the banks of the river IJ at NDSM shipyard, directly opposite the centre of Amsterdam.

Access to the hotel is tightly monitored by security, as the hotel is used by world-renowned DJs, royals and celebrities who are looking to get away from the madness of the city.

Amsterdam rooftop jacuzziWhat’s so special about this hotel?

Well, to be honest… Everything. The fact alone that you’re sleeping over 40m high up in the sky in what was once a fully working crane is incredible. There’s only three rooms in the hotel – one on each floor of the crane.

Plus, the rooms are so sleekly designed and the fact that the Faralda hotel comes complete with a rooftop jacuzzi makes this place so memorable.

Looking out at the sunset over Amsterdam’s canals from a jacuzzi on top of a crane is unforgettable.

Amsterdam Crane Hotel

As you can see from this video tour of the Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam, it was a serious construction undertaking in 2011 to turn this into a working hotel.

$5.2 million later, it’s one of the most amazing places you’ll ever stay.

How much does it cost to stay?

Check current prices here

Crane Bedroom
The Crane Hotel Faralda on social media:

The hotel doubles up as a spot for DJ sets, parties, magazine shoots and a set for music videos. It’s not hard to see why…


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So… is it worth it?

Sure, you’ll find cheaper hotels, places with a better location and bigger rooms in Amsterdam. But this crane hotel isn’t about being practical. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience something completely different – and there’s no better city in the world in which to have an experience like this than Amsterdam. Do it!

Big 7 Travel Team