The 7 Best Bars For Bourbon In Kentucky

With so many great distilleries and an entire trail dedicated to guiding tourists through a tasty, alcoholic journey through them all, Kentucky might be considered to be the bourbon capital of the world.

You can awaken your sense and your tastebuds as you travel along the Kentucky bourbon trail. Or, you can simply stick with visiting some of the best bars for bourbon in Kentucky. You’ll find a delightful variety of world-class bourbon regardless, but we’d argue that visiting the best bourbon bars gives you the space and freedom to really indulge. You know, like you know you want to.

Visiting Kentucky without sampling the local libation is like visiting Italy and not indulging in some Tuscan wine; it’d simply be a crime. So, prepare to taste some of the smoothest bourbons you’ve ever sipped at the best bars for bourbon in Kentucky.

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1. The Old Talbott Tavern

The Old Talbott Tavern is one of the oldest places on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, as it’s been serving as a friendly retreat for weary, and very thirsty visitors since the 1700s. Their live entertainment and a delightfully extensive array of bourbon available make this spot great for those interested in a bit of everything. Good service, tasty bourbon, and some historic charm…they’ve got it all.

Best Bars For Bourbon In Kentucky

2. Bourbons Bistro

Bourbons Bistro is one of the best bars for bourbon in Kentucky for a variety of reasons. It’s hard to pinpoint just what makes it so appealing, whether it’s the purposefully paired food they serve, the knowledge-backed recommendations, or simply the sheer quality of the bourbons they have to offer. The bourbon menu is so extensive that you might feel overwhelmed. But, don’t worry, the staff will help you with suggestions.

Best Kentucky Bourbon Bars

3. Garage Bar

Garage Bar is one of those Kentucky bourbon bars for savvy drinkers after a bit of it all. Craft beer, fun games, delicious pizza and, of course, some superbly smooth bourbon are all standard fare here. They seem to do really well at highlighting labels both big and small. And, seeing as their bourbon list is too long to fit on the menu…you definitely won’t be strapped for choice. Stay a while and sample a few.

4. Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar

The Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar was founded by one of the country’s best mixologists, making it one of the best stops for visitors who are after a full-on cocktail and not just a few little sips of bourbon. Bourbon-based cocktails are the star of the show here, even though you can absolutely indulge in other spirits if you’re so inclined. Try the Kentucky Mule and let us know what you think.

Where to Drink Bourbon in Kentucky

5. Doc Crow’s

When visiting Louisville, you simply can’t go wrong with spending an evening at Doc Crow’s. Not only is it one of the best restaurants in the city, but it serves some delectably delicious variations of bourbon-based cocktails. The “Bold Fashioned,” for example, with tantalise the taste buds of any bourbon-lover. Travellers after a bit of an all-around authentic, local experience both in terms of food and drink will love this spot.

6. Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Ever heard of the Urban Bourbon Trail? It’s the modern-day version of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail that takes you through urban bars serving up the best bourbon in the state. And, the Haymarket Whiskey Bar is the only spot on the trail that boasts a bar, bottle shop, arcade, and concert venue. At any given moment, they’ve got over 250 unique bourbons available to try, so prepare to treat yourself to new tastes.

7. Proof on Main

Proof on Main is another spot that doubles as one of the best bars for bourbon in Kentucky and a pretty great place to sit down and enjoy a fine dining kind of meal. You’ll find it tucked inside of the swanky 21C Hotel, which adds a bit of an elegant yet Old World charm to the experience. The bourbon list goes on for days, which is why we suggest striking up a conversation with the bartender. Ask for a recommendation and let yourself enjoy the surprise.

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