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7 Of The Best Bars In Ibiza

Chances are that if you’re looking for the best bars in Ibiza then you’re ready to enjoy the island nightlife. 

Even though this paradise is filled with some of the most exclusive beach clubs in the entire world, there are plenty of other options for energetic travellers.

Looking for somewhere to pre-game before the main event? Check out our list of seven of the best bars in Ibiza where people go out to warm up before a long night out on this Spanish island.

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1. Cafe del Mar

Ibiza’s got a sunset strip and Cafe del Mar lies right at the heart of it. It’s hard to describe how awe-inspiring the views here, and that’s what makes it one of the best bars in Ibiza. Sip your cocktail as you watch the sunset, all with the DJ sampling some of the smoothest sounds in modern electronic music.

Best Bars in Ibiza
Image: Essential Ibiza

2. Paradise Lost

It’s hard to miss the bright pink neon light that attracts you like a fly to Paradise Lost. Away from the thumping beach clubs and tucked away into what seems like a little corner house, this is one of the best bars in Ibiza for its unpretentious yet eclectic nature.

Tropical Vibes Paradise Bar Ibiza

3. The Ninth

Because the island is surrounded by beaches, it’s rare that travellers look for rooftop views here. However, we’re here to tell you that the views from The Ninth are downright impressive.

You’ll get panoramic views of Playa d’En Bossa while you relax in one of the poshest bars on the island.

Rooftop Bars in Ibiza

4. Kumharas

Looking for a romantic place to watch the sunset with your lover? If the crowds at Cafe del Mar are too much for you to handle, then grab drinks at Kumharas. This uber-bohemian bar is the epitome of laid-back, offering shisha and strong alcohol to any guests who choose to sit out on the terrace.

5. Cafe Mambo

Similar to Cafe del Mar, Cafe Mambo is located on Ibiza’s sunsets strip. That means that you can expect stellar sunsets and sandy toes. But, Mambo is a little livelier. Expect things to get crazy here after dark.

Image: Ibiza Spotlight

6. Bambuddha

You’ve made it all the way to Ibiza, now do you want to travel to another hot tropical tourist destination? Pre-gaming at Bambuddha feels like you’ve flown straight to the jungles of Ubud, Bali as the aesthetic is concerningly convincing.

This is the perfect place for a tasty dinner and a few nice drinks before you head out on the town. Just be careful, you might enjoy it so much you decide to spend the whole night here.

7. No. 5 Ibiza

No. 5 is the perfect mixture of everything that Ibiza has to offer tourists. It’s chill and tropical yet trendy and fun. Isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for out of a getaway to this Spanish island?

Best Beach Bars in Ibiza
Image: Discover Ibiza
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