The 7 Best Beach Bars In Ibiza

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the mood for boozy beats and some dancing or a chilled day on a sun lounger, hitting up a beach bar or beach club is essential in Ibiza. Just like the island itself, the best beach bars in Ibiza are laid back yet seriously fun.

The White Isle is full of beautiful spots to spend the day in absolute paradise. Sunbath during the day or warm up before going to the big clubs. Here’s our top picks of the best bars and clubs to soak up the sunny vibes…

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1. El Chiringuito

Ibiza is one of the most popular party islands in the world, so it isn’t short of great places to hang out but this one tops them all.

Grab a sun lounger, a cocktail and strike that perfect pose for your perfect Instagram shot. El Chiringuito is one of the  best beach bars in Ibiza, with sea views, white sand and sleek loungers.

2. Cafe del Mar

Ibiza’s got a sunset strip and Cafe del Mar lies right at the heart of it. It’s hard to describe how awe-inspiring the views here, and that’s what makes it one of the best bars in Ibiza. Sip your cocktail as you watch the sunset, all with the DJ sampling some of the smoothest sounds in modern electronic music.

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3. Patchwork at Sa Punta

This super-chic bar proves that you don’t always need extreme heights to be considered one of the best rooftop bars in the area, plus it’s right by the beach. Patchwork is a Lebanese bar and restaurant in a colourful setting beside the sea. Vibrant handmade decor, sunset views and delicious cocktails add up to make this spot special.

4. Cafe Mambo

Similar to Cafe del Mar, Cafe Mambo is located on Ibiza’s sunsets strip. That means that you can expect stellar sunsets and sandy toes. But, Mambo is a little livelier. Expect things to get crazy here after dark.

5. Blue Marlin

This famous spot is popular with the hot, rich crowd, who avail of the bar’s water-taxi service to ferry guests to and from their luxury yachts. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be Kim K to grab a drink here. You will need to splash cash on cocktails and sunbeds, but it’s worth it for the world-class vibe. It’s chilled out during the day and party central by night, with some great djs.


6. Nikki Beach

A high-end beach club is the place to be every Sunday for the famous Nikki Beach brunch party. Bottomless champagne is flowing all day long, a DJ and saxophonist are by the pool blasting music and the fun never stops. In fact, every day of the week is a riot of fun here, with Spanish flair and beachfront views.

Stick around for a beautiful sunset.

7. Tropicana Ibiza Beach Club

This iconic but low-key beach club is the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon of recovering from all those late nights. Lounge in a hammock (be sure to book one ahead), or soak up the rays on the semi-private beach. There’s chill Ibiza-style music each day, and every Sunday you can party to the sound of Caribbean and Brazilian rhythms where you can dance samba, salsa, merengue and percussion.

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