best islands in Europe

The 7 Best Islands In Europe To Visit

Whether you’re seeking a secluded island all to yourself or a party vibe, we have all the top spots on our list of the best islands in Europe.

It’s a diverse list, with tropical reefs and Nordic bays, as well as remote shores. These are the most amazing islands to visit right now.

From Mallorca to Scotland,  consider this your essential vacation guide…

The best islands in Europe to visit in 2020How do these rankings work?

1. Flatey, Iceland

Have you ever visited some of the islands around Iceland? Flatey is one of them, and can now claim fame top spot among the best islands in Europe. There’s beautifully kept old houses dotted along the island, but just two families stay here throughout the winter.

In a charming way, it feels very much like a movie set. And so it is. Many movies are set on the island, most notably The Honour of the House based on a short story by Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness. The tranquility at this island is unique – time stands still.

2. Sommarøy, Norway

If If you visit Sommarøy on a summer’s day, you would be forgiven for thinking you were somewhere in the Caribbean: there’s coral beaches and turquoise ocean views.

It’s the famous ‘Midnight Sun’ that makes it so special though. Sommarøy – meaning ‘Summer Island’ – is an island in Norway where the sun doesn’t set for 69 days every summer, and is in constant darkness from November to January.

3. Korcula, Croatia

Korcula is one of the must-visit destinations on Croatia’s South Dalmatian coast. It’s a little further out to get to than most of the other islands, so you can enjoy less crowds and a more laid-back feel.

People call Korcula Town “Little Dubrovnik” because of its medieval squares, churches, palaces and houses, while the beaches and dense forest offer incredible scenery.

best islands in Europe

4. The Aran Islands, Ireland

These three remote islands off Ireland’s west coast are like stepping back into time, with a rural charm and stunning scenery that will take your breath away.

Visitors can either walk around them or cycle the pretty road that are lined with hand built brick walls. Hear Gaeilge being spoken, enjoy fresh seafood and the simple things in life. The sheer cliffs looking out into the Atlantic ocean and the famous local hospitality make these a must visit for anybody who loves Ireland.

best islands in Europe

5. Azores, Portugal

The Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is an archipelago of nine islands that have recently been highlighted as an emerging tourist destination. It’s one of the largest whale sanctuaries in the world. Explore geysers, hot thermal waters and volcanic lakes, hopping from island to island.

A top pick? The tiny island of Corvo has a broad, beautiful crater at its centre, and attracts many species of birds coming from both Europe and America.

best islands in Europe

6. Capri, Italy

This small island  just off the coast of Naples is one of the gems of the Mediterranean sea. You can stay on the island, or do what most people do and take it all in on a day trip.

The steep cliffs along with the bustling port, friendly locals and some stunning food make this a paradise escape. There are very few people who don’t fall in love with Capri the moment they set on the island.

best islands in Europe

7. Ibiza, Spain

While you’ll have your fair share of techno club photo ops, Ibiza is also one of the most beautiful Spanish islands, with a pretty Old Town and scenic beaches. Ibiza isn’t all party, party, party – the Old Town is actually a UNESCO Heritage Site. It’s full of narrow streets and monuments, and is classically charming.

Cute wine bars line the streets near the harbour, and as you walk up into the hilly town you will have a spectacular view of the sea below.

best islands in Europe

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