Trendiest Bars in Lyon

7 Of The Best Bars In Lyon

The city might be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but when it comes to French nightlife, you’ll actually find some of the best bars in Lyon.

Bars here are super laid-back and fall in line with the rustic, rich culinary theme that the restaurants in Lyon also exude.

Ready to explore this historical French city? Head to one of the seven of the best bars in Lyon for a magical night out in a pretty classical city.

1. Soda Bar

Looking for the best cocktail bar in Lyon? Spend the evening sipping some of the most finely-crafted drinks at Soda Bar. The mixologist behind the concept of Soda Bar truly knows his stuff, and it shows in everything from the taste to even the quality vibes that emit from the bar’s staff and patrons.

Best Bars in Lyon France

2. Le Sucre

Hip, trendy, and spacious are three words to describe Le Sucre, one of the best bars in Lyon at the moment. The modern setting of the bar aids in fueling the laid-back vibes. You can drink amongst the stringed lights that set the tone outside or listen to a funky DJ spin his set, all on the rooftop of an old sugar factory.

Trendiest Bars in Lyon

3. Bar Le Florian

Plus red furniture, candlelit tables, and mirrored walls personify Lyon’s premier cocktail bar, Le Florian. Head here to enjoy a truly elegant atmosphere along with super creative cocktails. We suggest trying Le Cheesecake or honestly any other one of the intriguing concoctions they make here.

4. Le Terrier du Lapin Blanc

Fancy hitting up a truly Bohemian French bar? Head straight to Le Terrier du Lapin Blanc, which feels more like you’re hanging out at a friend’s house than one of the best bars in Lyon. This is one of our favourite bars if you’re in Lyon while it’s cold, as they serve superb mulled wine you absolutely can’t miss.

5. Beer O’ Clock

It seems like every city has a craft beer bar nowadays, and Lyon is no different. However, Beer O’ Clock is a bit trendier than most beer bars in Europe. You can walk around and serve yourself, which adds to the unique experience.

Image: Le Petit Paume

6. Les Valseuses

Tasty rum and live jazz music are always on the menu at Les Valseuses. And, when we say tasty, we mean it. Here, you can try a variety of different rums, ranging from caramel pear to even a kiwi-flavoured cane drink. Pair that with live jazz and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening.

Image: Le Petit Paume

7. Aromo

It’s impossible to travel to France and not indulge a bit in the local wine culture. While there are plenty of places in Paris and Nice, if you’re in Lyon we recommend Aromo, where you can sample up to 150 different wines from France and beyond. Our pro tip? Pair them all with the incredible French cheeses they offer.

Best Wine Bars in Lyon France

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