7 French Museums You Can Explore Virtually

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t still feel like your on vacation. Make the most of self-isolation with a ‘visit’ to one of France’s museums. It’s not quite the real thing, but it comes close and makes for a great ‘escape’ from the living room. Here are seven French museums you can explore virtually.

French Museums You Can Explore Virtually

1. The Louvre – Paris

You can explore the world’s largest museum right from your couch with a virtual tour of the Louvre. Home to some of the world’s most important artworks, you can experience Mona Lisa, Nike, Venus de Milo and more without the crowds. They take the fuss out of deciding ‘where to go’ first, too, with plenty of categories to choose from.

2. The Fine Arts Museum of Lyon – Lyon

Lyon’s Fine Art Museum is housed in a centuries-old Benedictine convent and holds some of the country’s most important fine art. Thankfully, you can explore it all online. Nicknamed the “Little Louvre” you’ll never run out of art to explore. You can admire 30 of the museum’s masterpieces on Google Arts & Culture’s Online Exhibition.

3. Musée d’Orsay – Paris

Truly one of Paris’ best museums, Musée d’Orsay can’t be missed on your ‘afternoon strolling of galleries.’ Take in the incredible architecture that houses the museum and the never-ending masterpieces that dot the halls with a virtual tour of the museum. Don’t miss the ‘Tourist Tube’ that offers a 360 view of the exterior.

french virtual museum

4. The Pompidou Centre – Paris

Easily one of Paris’ most unique and interesting buildings, an exterior tour is a must. You can enjoy an exterior panning of the museum along with an exhibition tour by Christian Boltanski.

french virtual museum

5. Lascaux – Montignac

The Lascaux Caves are home to some of the most remarkable cave paintings in the world. Discovered in 1940, the Lascaux cave drawings give a completely new insight into how prehistoric humans lived. Best part? You can enjoy a digital tour of the 20,000-year-old cave art entirely online.

french virtual museum

6. Mont Saint Michel – Le Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel makes the list of top ten visited French tourist sites. Perched atop a hill on a tiny island, this historic monastery town is straight out of a fairy tale. Feel as though you’re actually wandering the 8th-century streets with a virtual tour on History View.

french virtual museum

7. Musee l’Orangerie

Monet fans, this is the perfect afternoon activity. Muséee l’Orangerie has teamed up with Google Art Project to bring you an unforgettable tour of Claude Monet’s Water Lillies. The virtual guide takes you through two oval rooms of the beloved Water Lillies series created between 1915 and 1926.

Thanks to the handy zoom, you can get up close and personal to every brushstroke of the incredible masterpiece.

french virtual museum

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