The 7 Best Breweries In Milwaukee To Visit In 2020

We’ve ranked the best craft beer breweries in America, and the best craft beer bars, but there’s nothing quite like visiting a brewery in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee craft brewery scene has been booming in recent years, and it truly shows no signs of stopping, likely due to the fact that the city’s rich history is steeped in brewing. From Pabst to Miller, some of the country’s greatest beers have been brewed here.

Now, Milwaukee has once again taken on the responsibility of pioneer as the city paves the way for numerous top craft beer breweries to enter the spotlight. Interested in touring a few? Here are seven of the best breweries to in Milwaukee to visit in 2020.

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1. Lakefront Brewery

When it comes to Milwaukee breweries, this is the top one you’re going to want to dedicate a whole day to visit. The Lakefront Brewery Milwaukee pours some of the hoppiest ales and strongest stouts you’ll find in Wisconsin. 

And, they serve it all with a side of delicious bar food. Order a pretzel or even a juicy Bratwurst. You’re going to need it after devouring one of their many tasty beers on tap.

2. Milwaukee Brewing Company

Milwaukee beer just wouldn’t be what it is without the Milwaukee Brewing Company. Not only is this one of the best Milwaukee breweries to actually tour, but it’s also home to savoury food and an impressive pay-as-you-go tap bar.

The award-winning craft beer here uses local ingredients and the brewery is dedicated to sustainable practices, which carry a lot of weight when in the modern-day craft beer world.

Milwaukee Brewing Company Tour

3. 1840 Brewing Company

This urban-farmhouse brewery offers everything you could possibly want out of a midwestern beer company. But, it’s their true passion for craft beer that set them apart from the rest. They brew their beers in oak barrels and serve up some of the most creative craft beers in America.

Try their sour ale, which is a PB&J-inspired pastry sour that’s brewed with peanuts and raspberry. Or, try their seafoam fruited sour. They’re all absolutely incredible.

Top Milwaukee Breweries 2020

4. Third Space Brewing

Few Milwaukee breweries offer high-quality beer and a cosy beer garden from which to enjoy it. Third Space Brewing serves up both, and they do it all with a unique style that’s new to the craft beer scene here.

Sample one of the five beers on tap and then grab some grub from one of the food trucks that park in the brewery’s courtyard. We recommend saving space for a liquid dessert; Third Space Brewing’s Mochas Java is an incredibly rich porter that they make with two kinds of chocolate malt.

Best Breweries In Milwaukee

5. Eagle Park Brewing

Haven’t heard of the newest Milwaukee brewing crazy? Hazy IPAs, which use hops primarily in order to create an enrapturing aroma. Hazy IPAs are especially great at Eagle Park Brewing, even though they’ve got a variety of quality craft beers constantly rotating on tap.

We love the music-themed names of the beers here, but they’re so delicious that they’d be great without any name at all. Mark our words, Eagle Park Brewing is going to be one of the best Milwaukee breweries to visit in 2020, in part due to their unique takes on IPAs.

Unique IPAs and Craft Beers in Milwaukee

6. Vennture Brew

Craft beers and coffee brews – what’s not to love about a delicious combination of two of the most popular drink trends in America right now? At Vennture Brew, you can order from some ten different beers on tap or energise at the full-service coffee bar.

Despite focusing on coffee and craft brew, the quality of the brews here never suffer. They’ve got a tropical stout and a sweet saison and even a hazy pale ale that are all worth trying.

Craft Beer and Coffee Brews

7. City Lights Brewing

The industrial vibes at the taproom at City Lights Brewing make it one of the best Milwaukee brewery tours of 2020. Well, it’s not technically a tour, but you know what we mean. It’s located in the old Milwaukee Gas Light Co. building, but the quality of the beer here outshines even the cool locale.

Case in point – City Lights Brewing serves up a coconut porter that’s perfectly sweet, balanced, and slightly creamy. Need we say more?

Newest Craft Beer Breweries in Milwaukee

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