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The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Taipei

From lively craft beer bars serving up authentic NY-style buffalo wings to Italian wings and unique flavours, chicken wings in Taipei are one of the tastiest eats in the city. Grab a big stack of napkins and prepare to get your hands messy as you dig into our top picks…

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1. GumGum

GumGum are experts in all things chicken wings and craft beer – the perfect combination in our eyes. With 14 creative flavours to choose from, you’ll be in wing heaven here. Must-orders include the salted egg, rosemary & orange or the maple hot. Our advice? Come with friends and order as many different wing flavours as you can to share!

2. Ed’s Diner

If you’re craving authentic American BBQ fare then Ed’s Diner is the place to be. They smoke all their meats low and slow for eight hours over Taiwan Longan fruit wood for a rich and smokey flavour. So, you can expect the chicken wings here to be super juicy and full of flavour. A classic buffalo sauce finishes them off perfectly.

chicken wings taipei

3. Burger & Co.

As the name suggests, this gourmet spot is all about burgers, but they also serve some of the tastiest chicken wings in Taipei. They come piled high in a bowl to share, with plump, juicy meat and a nicely crispy skin and tangy sauce. Order a portion of these alongside a burger and you’ll have a serious feed.

4. Texas Rangers Fried Chicken

This is real Southern fried chicken, marinated for 12 hours in special Texas spices and fried until golden and crispy. There’s four flavours to choose from: Texas crispy with honey mustard, spicy teriyaki, New Orleans-style hot wings or Texas BBQ. We suggest you try ’em all, as it’s hard to pick just one favourite.

5. The Diner

This fun American diner will transport you to the heart of the US with its tasty menu of American comfort food. While you’ll be tempted by dishes such as their Eggs Benedict with pork belly or fluffy blueberry pancakes, their NY chicken wings are the real deal. They’re an authentic Buffalo hot and sour flavour with blue cheese sauce and celery on the side.

6. JK Studio

JK Studio focuses on Italian and French cuisine, with a delicious menu of fresh and seasonal dishes that includes juicy steaks and creamy spaghetti. It’s their appetiser of ‘Devil Chicken Wings’ that you’ll really fall in love with. They’re fried with Italian spices for a subtle flavour and an extra crispy and crunchy bite.

7. Beer Talk Bistro

Great beer and even better wings? We’re sold. Beer Talk Bistro is a popular Belgian craft beer bar that serves award-winning brews alongside a delicious bar menu. The wings here are coated in a tasty buffalo sauce and are best eaten as part of a sharing platter. You won’t be able to resist…

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