7 Of The Best Chocolatiers In Taipei

Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is a haven for chocolate connoisseurs. Handmade chocolates crafted by local pastry chefs and old school bean to bar techniques can be found on every corner. Thanks to the climate and the preservation of old school methods, Taiwan is home to some of the best chocolates in the world. If you’re on the hunt for a few delicious bites of cocoa in Taipei, start with this list. Here are the seven best chocolatiers in Taipei.

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1. Fu Wan Chocolate

This award-winning chocolate shop is famous for its tea chocolates and ‘tree to bar’ methods. Here you’ll find the richest, sweetest and most carefully crafted chocolate in the country. We recommend the charcoal roasted oolong tea with a few dark chocolates or a ruby-black tea with creamy cocoa pieces. You’ll find this fave in the Da’an district.

2. Yu Chocolatier

Known as one of the best chocolatiers in the country, Yu Chocolatier is the real deal. What they lack in affordability they make up for tenfold with award-winning truffles and melt in your mouth signature chocolates. We recommend staying a while and enjoying a few of the Signature Yu truffles and a glass of whiskey.

best chocolate in taipei

3. Chuang Chocolate

Chuang Chocolate is known internationally as a delicious chocolate option. Handcrafted chocolate that is the perfect amount of milky, nutty and rich is what you’ll find in each of their original boxes. We recommend getting a variety of small boxes to taste all of their flavours.

best chocolate in taipei

4. Is Taiwan Is Chocolate

Fancy some chicken foot chocolate with milky hot cocoa? How about chocolate cookies with a coffee? Is Taiwan Is Chocolate in Da’an has you covered. Pop in for a few chocolates and coffees and take a few of your faves to go.

is taiwan is chocolate best chocolate in taipei

5. Le Ruban Chocolat

Handmade chocolates of every flavour are what Le Ruban Chocolat in Da’an does best. Take your pick from their classic milky and dark cocoas or go with their famous oolong tea truffles. Be sure to carve out some time to stay awhile so that you can eat to your heart’s content.

best chocolate in taipei

6. Cocomaker

This Da’an district gem offers all of your faves in addition to more unique creations. Imagine classic chocolate boxes and way-out-there varieties such as cheese flavour. We recommend grabbing any of their boxes and trying their ‘taste of Papua New Guinea’ flavour.

cocomaker best chocolate in taipei

7. Schokolake

Originally operating as a museum and now as a guesthouse, this lovely chocolate shop offers everything you could imagine. Grab your chocolates and coffee, milky bars, bean to bar chocolate, housemade bonbons and more. If you’re up for it, they also offer DIY classes. You can find them in Shilin.

best chocolate in taipei

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