The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Melbourne

There’s no denying that the craft beer craze is alive and well in Australia, and it’s in part due to the number of craft beer bars popping up all over the country in recent years. It’s likely why some of the best craft beer bars in Melbourne rival those found in other popular beer-crazed cities around the world.

With consumer tastes changing and people looking for more specialised craft beers, budding entrepreneurs have popped up all over the continent to create new small-batch brews, with larger alcohol companies also dipping their toes into the craft beer space.

Craving a cold brew? Check out any one of the seven best craft beer bars in Melbourne for delightful beers ranging from the hoppiest of hops to the creamiest of stouts.

Best Craft Beer Bars In MelbourneHow do these rankings work?

1. The Local Taphouse

With 20 rotating taps and nearly 30 varieties of craft beer bottles to choose from at any given time, The Local Taphouse serves over 300 different kinds of craft beer each year. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to say it’s one of the best craft beer bars in Melbourne. You can enjoy both local and imported brews here, and seeing as they rotate them so often, you’ll have to head back each week to sample new quality brews.

Best Craft Beer Bars in Melbourne

2. Mr. West

Mr. West doubles as one of the best craft beer bars in Melbourne and as one of the most well-stocked bottle shops in the city. Enter the bar through the downstairs bottle shop if you’re looking for delightful take-home brews. However, if you’ve got time to stick around and sip a few pints, then we suggest heading upstairs where you can choose from one of 26 different craft brews on taps. They’re all so tasty that you’ll definitely need to visit more than once.

Melbourne Craft Beer Bar

3. Boilermaker House

This blues-filled bar is a mecca for whisky lovers and craft beer aficionados. Whether you’re dying to indulge in one or both, this is the place for you in Melbourne. Honestly, we suggest pairing them both together. With over 900 malt whiskies to choose from and an ever-rotating craft beer tap list, you’re sure to find the perfect pairing that’ll tantalise your taste buds and totally blow your mind.

4. Westside Ale Works

Hop-forward beers are the specialty at Westside Ale Works, one of Melbourne’s best craft beer breweries and taprooms. They offer 30 different beers on tap, all from their own brewery and from delightful independent breweries all around the world. Definitely sign up for the tour, which is enlightening and fun. Then, stick around to sample whatever’s currently flowing from their taps.

5. Stomping Ground

Stomping Ground is a lot of things all rolled into one little trendy package. Not only are they one of Melbourne’s most popular breweries, but they’re also home to quite a cosy beer garden. Strung fairy lights, hanging green plants, and a quaint little fireplace set the stage for a superb evening here. Enjoy small tasting serves if you can’t settle on just one brew.

Best Beer Garden in Melbourne

6. Beer DeLuxe

Tasty burgers, DJ sets, and some unique craft beers on tap all make Beer DeLuxe one of the best craft beer bars in Melbourne. While their focus is mainly on local and European brews, their tap list is so extensive that you can find just about any flavour here. From pale ales and red ales to something called Space Milk, we’re confident you’ll stumble upon something that awakens your senses.

7. East of Everything

So, East of Everything is quite an interesting pick. It’s got the smallest variety of taps available on this list. With just five taps, you’d think that there’s not much going on here, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These five taps feature some of the most intriguing, inventive, and rare brews around. If you’re looking to try something you’ve never had before, this is the place to do so.

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