Where to Drink Craft Beer in New Orleans

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In New Orleans

The growth of craft beer brewing in the last decade across the US has been absolutely explosive. And, while the Big Easy might be famous for their beignets, trendy cafes, and Mardi Gras festivities, some of the best craft beer bars in New Orleans are also some of the best in the whole country.

As people began to keep an eye out for slightly more exciting taste profiles, it means that craft beer bars are more popular than ever. When comes to craft beer in New Orleans, you are seriously spoilt for choice.

Thirsty for something crafty? We’ve got you covered. Check out our picks for seven of the best craft beer bars in New Orleans.

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1. The Avenue Pub

The Avenue Pub made our list of the 50 Best Craft Beer Bars in the US. So, it comes as no surprise that it’s the best craft beer bar in New Orleans. Once you get one foot inside this bar you’re greeted by a delightfully hoppy smell of quality craft brews. Visitors flock from all over the world just to get a chance to try one of the 45 different rotating craft beers they serve on tap. The best part? This bar is open 24 hours, so you’ll have plenty of time to sample different brands.

Craft Beer Pub in New Orleans

2. NOLA Brewing Tap Room

If you’re planning on visiting NOLA, then one of the most unmissable things to do is to visit the city’s best brewery. NOLA Brewing is one of Louisiana’s largest independently owned craft breweries. They’re famous for their offbeat craft beers, of which you can indulge in seven year-round. Stop by their tap room for a real taste of Louisiana craft beer. The vibes are great and the beer is top-notch. What more could you ask for?

NOLA Craft Beer Bar

3. d.b.a.

Live music, eclectic decor, and some of the best craft beer brews in all of New Orleans? Sign us up! At d.b.a. You’ll be welcomed by New York pub-style vibes that perfectly fuse with the passion and energy typical of any bar in the Big Easy. This wood-panelled bar is the spot to be on a weekend if you love great music and quality craft brews. And, if you’re thirsty for something special, they serve other great drinks as well.

4. Brieux Carré Brewing Company

The laissez faire attitude and energy at this craft beer bar in New Orleans perfectly embodies the spirit of the city. And, while they might be super laid back here, it doesn’t come at the expense of quality and flavour. Head on down to the Vieux Carré and visit Brieux Carré to sample any one of their 14 different craft beers on tap. From Pilsners and pale ales to stouts and a sour raspberry French Saison, they’ve truly got something for every taste.

Where to Drink Craft Beer in New Orleans

5. Parleaux Beer Lab

Parleaux Beer Lab is a neighbourhood craft beer brewery and tap room that serves thirsty locals and travellers some of the best craft beers in all of Louisiana. Their focus? High-quality, small batch, locally-produced beers inspired by unique interpretations of iconic beer styles. Their tap list is constantly rotating, offering guests a chance to sample a variety of delectable styles and tastes. They’ve currently got a super-strong Hazy Juice IPA that’s worth a taste.

6. 504 Craft Beer Reserve

504 Craft Beer Reserve started as an effort to build the biggest collection of the best craft beer. The folks here work hard to source some of the finest craft beers from all over the United States and bring them home under one roof. The result is a unique, inventive space where you’ll find 14 crafts on tap and numerous more in bottles and cans. This is by far one of the best craft beer bars in New Orleans, but it’s also great if you’re just passing through and want to buy some bottles to take away.

7. The Bulldog

You didn’t think we’d write a list of the best craft beer bars in New Orleans and leave off The Bulldog, did you? Visit any one of their locations for a quality evening sipping some of the finest brews in town. Their Uptown location is particularly enchanting, offering one of the best dog-friendly patios in town 48 different beers on tap. Along with superb service and a quality atmosphere, you can indulge in over 100 different bottles of beer if draught isn’t your thing. Make sure to get your photo in front of their famous tap fountain too.

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