Where to Eat Cuban Food in America

The 7 Best Cuban Restaurants In Miami

While there are great Cuban restaurants all over the United States, the best Cuban restaurants in Miami reign supreme. In one of the most popular cities in America, you’ll find a variety of Cuban restaurants serving up authentic dishes that are brimming with passion and flavour.

The enchanting blend of Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines melts together to form the base of what is Cuban cuisine. And, there’s nothing like biting into a tasty Cuban tamale, indulging in a Medianoche, or preparing to devour a mouthwatering grilled pork feast with your family.

If you’ve never tried Cuban food before, then you’re in for a real treat. Check out the seven best Cuban restaurants in Miami for an absolutely delicious meal. Your tastebuds are about to go on a journey all the way to Havana and back.

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1. Versailles Restaurant

Despite there being so many quality Cuban restaurants in Miami, Versailles Restaurant wins out in terms of flavour and authenticity. From their delectable Ropa Vieja to the mouthwatering way in which their fried sweet plantains practically melt in your mouth, there’s nothing here that’s not going to evoke sensations of Cuba.

Where to Eat Cuban Food in America

2. Havana Harry’s

Havana Harry’s is where you go if you’re looking to enjoy a full night out paired with some tantalising Cuban food and music. Cosy little nooks are tucked away in corners of the restaurant, and the rustic decor makes it feel trendy and inviting. While the restaurant might seem a little modern and mainstream, the food features the same authentic, traditional tastes you’d expect of any great Cuban restaurant in America.

Cuban Food in Miami Havana Harrys

3. Cafe La Trova

Cuban croquetas are one of life’s most decadent treasures and Cafe La Trova in Miami serves them nearly just as good as what you’d find on the actual island. This restaurant is one of Miami’s hottest spots where friends and family gather to sip cocktails and enjoy live music. It’s this combination of vibrant culture and exciting entertainment that makes the spot so hot. But, it’s the Cuban food, and the croquetas more specifically, that keep guests heading back for more.

Best Cuban Croquetas in Miami

4. El Mago de Las Fritas

If you’ve never tried a Cuban burger before then you’re in for a truly tasty treat at El Mago de Las Fritas. Cuban burgers, which are made up of ground beef or chorizo and then topped with potato sticks, are the specialty here. They’ve perfected this age-old recipe and know how to season the beef and pork to create such a delightful explosion of traditional flavours. You’ll be addicted after just the first bite.

5. La Rosa

For over fifty years, La Rosa has been serving delectable Cuban dishes to hungry diners. Upscale dining fuses with traditional flavours to create a magical culinary experience quite unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. From their traditional Ropa Vieja straight through to mouthwateringly golden Mariquitas and delicious flan, there’s nothing here that’s not going to take you all the way to foodie heaven.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

6. Puerto Sagua

This no-frills restaurant has been serving Cuban favourites since 1962. Here, you’ll find Cuban comfort food staples ranging from Ropa Vieja straight through to the famous Cuban sandwich. While they prepare everything to perfection, you simply can’t miss out on the chance to indulge in their breakfast. Head here early for strong Cuban cafecitos and a few pastelitos. Then, go back for lunch. You’ll be craving it enough for sure.

7. La Carreta

La Carreta is a favourite amongst a variety of locals in South Florida. And, it might have to do with the fact that there are numerous locations all over Miami. If you’re from here, you likely know it as a city staple in terms of Cuban food, both for full meals and tasty treats. Head to the coffee window to order a Cuban cafecito and some sweet pastelitos in the morning. Then, visit again for lunch to enjoy a lunch full of plantains, rice, beans and more.

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