The 7 Best Donuts In New Orleans

Beignets might be the official state donut of Louisiana, and New Orleans might home to some of the world’s best beignets, but the best donuts in New Orleans vary quite a bit. From beignets and pillowy, cream-filled creations to the more traditional glazed donuts, there’s something here for everybody.

Prepare to tantalise your tastebuds and totally undo your diet. Sampling the seven best donuts in New Orleans is quite the tasty task. You’re not going to feel guilty about indulging in anything at these donut shops. Everything tastes so good that it’s well worth the sugar high and come down.

Ready to treat yourself? Check out the seven best donuts in New Orleans.

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1. Blue Dot Donuts

Donuts here are sinfully sweet and oh-so-delicious. But, what makes Blue Dot Donuts one of the places with the best donuts in New Orleans is the passion behind the counter. This hotspot was opened by three New Orleans police officers who simply love donuts. They offer nearly 50 different varieties at any given time, ranging from key limb crumb and wedding cake to pumpkin spice and sweet potato-filled donuts. You’re definitely going to have to try them all.

Best Donuts in New Orleans

2. The Buttermilk Drop

Soul food and tasty king cakes are just two of the mouthwatering options you can indulge in at The Buttermilk Drop. While their breakfast and lunch food is truly superb, they serve some of the best donuts in New Orleans, too. Their speciality is, of course, the buttermilk drop. But, you’ve got to try their creative take on it, which they’ve created using red velvet cake. It’s simply irresistible.

New Orleans Donuts

3. District Donuts Sliders Brew

Innovative, creative, and delicious are three adjectives you could use to describe the donuts at District Donuts Sliders Brew. The name of the restaurants comes from the fact that they mainly offer donuts, sliders, and ice-cold brews. Everything on the menu is so delicious that we suggest heading in to sample all three. Just be sure to save room for their famous donut sandwiches.

Where to Eat Donuts in New Orleans

4. Bakers Dozen

Bakers Dozen serves some of the best donuts in New Orleans, from the traditional classics to more creative creations such as a salty caramel pretzel donut. Everything here is bursting with flavour and some of the finest, most inventive ingredients around. Apple fritters and honeybuns are particularly delicious here, but you should definitely sample one of their seasonal specialty donuts while you’re at it, too.

5. Daddy’s Donuts

The smell of bacon maple frosted bars and apple fritters fills the room at Daddy’s Donuts, a staple in the New Orleans donut community. Belly-busting treats are standard here, but you won’t mind indulging a bit as they’re so delicious it makes it all worth it. Apple fritters tend to sell out fast, as do many of their other varieties. Get here early to enjoy them hot and fresh.

6. Gerald’s Donuts

While home to some of the best burgers in Greater New Orleans, locals love heading to Gerald’s Donuts for a quality sugar rush any time of day. They’re open 24 hours, so you’re never too far from one of their sweet, sugary treats. They also once took fifth place in the New Orleans King Cake Contest. So, if you’re around and want to sample a taste of the Big Easy, this is one of the best places to do so.

7. Tastee Restaurant

We’ve saved one of the bests for last, as everybody who’s anybody in Louisana knows that Tastee serves some of the best donuts in New Orleans. They serve everything from king cakes and buttermilk drops to standard donuts. And, honestly, it’s all so tasty that you’re going to have to try it all. Start with their famous apple fritters and then work your way slowly through the other donuts on their menu. You’ll be craving them long after the last bite.

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