The 7 Best Donuts In Seattle

The best donuts in Seattle rival some of the tastiest donuts in all of the United States. However, that’s no surprise given the superb foodie culture that calls this Pacific Northwest city home. 

In Seattle, you’ll find some of the best brunch spots in Washington, high-quality pizza, and even some great places to enjoy fantastic chicken wings. But, for when you’re craving something a little sweeter, we think you’ll enjoy diving into a dozen of Seattle’s best donuts.

If you’re not craving donuts yet, then you’re about to be. This list of the seven best donuts in Seattle is going to have you headed straight to the nearest donut shop to indulge. Hey, we’re not judging.

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FROST is the kind of place you to got truly treat yourself to something special. While they serve delectable cupcake and macarons, they’re widely known for baking some of the best donuts in Seattle on a daily basis. Options here are truly creative, ranging from Aztec Chocolate and Autumn Pumpkin Spice to Root Beer Float and Butterfinger Blast.

The Best Donuts in Seattle

2. Donut Factory

For the most Instagrammable donuts in Seattle, you’ll want to head to the Donut Factory. They serve an array of delectable donuts. But, it’s their famous Cookie Dough-nut Sandwich that’s got everybody buzzing. However, mouthwatering ice cream and donut sandwich aside, their other creative treats are just as tasty. Sample a sugary cinnamon roll or their famous crobars.

Best Donut Shops in Seattle

3. Top Pot Doughnuts

With over 40 varieties of irresistible donuts to choose from and high-quality coffee to pair them all with, Top Pot Doughnuts truly excels at crafting a delectable experience from start to finish. They started out as a coffee store, so the tasty, hot coffee is certainly taken care of. All you have to do is decide which of their donuts you’re going to try first.

Seattle Donuts

4. General Porpoise

The donuts at General Porpoise are some of the best donuts in Seattle. However, they’re a far cry from traditional American donuts. Here, they’re British-inspired, as they’re made to be fluffy and stuffed with fresh custards, creams, and delectable jams. It’s going to be hard to try just one, so we suggest ordering at least a dozen.

5. The Flour Box

The head baker at The Flour Box knows a thing or two about top-notch baking, and it shows. The donuts that come out of the fryer at The Flour Box are so perfectly crafted that it almost tastes too good to be true. It’s all in the dough here, which is something you’ll certainly have to visit to sample for yourself.

6. Daily Dozen Doughnut Co.

Looking for more than just a bite? Head to Daily Dozen Doughnut Co., a Pike Place stall, to enjoy the piping hot mini donut holes that they sell. The counter-serve store sells coffee alongside their donuts and other sweet treats, which is great considering you’re going to need something to help wash down all the sugary donuts you’re about to devour.

7. Family Donut Shop

The unassuming location of Family Donut Shop might throw you off at first. However, they sell some of the most amazing donuts in Seattle. While it’s a good idea to sample all of their scrumptious treats, we suggest starting with a bacon maple bar. They craft them so well you’ll absolutely be headed back for more as soon as you finish the first.

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