The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In San Francisco

Filipino food is one of the most delicious cuisines in the entire world. And, you’ll find that the best Filipino restaurants in San Francisco truly cater to tradition and taste. 

Whether you’re after lechón, longganisa, torta omelettes or some other favourite flavours of yours, you’ll find it at these local hotspots. And, they all serve it up with a healthy dose of some of the best vibes you’ll find in the Bay Area.

Drooling yet? We don’t blame you. One look at the roasted pig at some of these places and you’ll be drooling all evening long. Check out our list of seven of the best Filipino restaurants in San Francisco and the surrounding neighbourhoods to get your foodie adventure started.

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1. Fil-Am Cuisine

When it comes to the best Filipino restaurants in San Francisco, numerous locals will shout out Fil-Am Cuisine as a favourite straight away. Their incredible deals on meat skewers make it a great spot to sample traditional fare without breaking the bank as well. The cash-only spot knows a thing or two about their marinated meats and flavours taste as if they’ve come straight from the islands.

Best Filipino Restaurants In San Francisco

2. Isla Restaurant

First and foremost, it’s worth mentioning that Isla Restaurant is located in the city of San Bruno. While it’s technically not in San Francisco, it’s well worth the 15-minute drive down south just to sample the fantastic food here. From the superb Filipino breakfast platters featuring Pancit Bihon straight on through to the crispy lumpia, there’s nothing here that’s not absolutely bursting with mouthwatering flavours.

Best Filipino Restaurants In San Francisco

3. Chibog

If you’re new to Filipino food then we highly suggest starting off at Chibog in order to sample some of the best lechón kawali in the city. The fatty, crispy pork belly is a trademark in terms of Filipino cuisine and it’s hard to find a place that does it better than Chibog. Aside from that, however, their other pork-based dishes are just as tantalising and tempting. Try them all.

Best Filipino Restaurants In San Francisco

4. Tselogs

Tselogs is another staple in terms of the Filipino restaurant community in the Bay Area. It’s a popular place for quick yet tasty bites. And, they’re most well-known for the silog plates they serve. The concept is simple. They load up on the meat, garlic rice, and egg. And, while it sounds simple, it’s something truly flavourful that you can try if you’re craving a taste of the Philippines. Be sure to save room for their tasty sweet pies, too!

5. Pampanguena Cuisine

Never indulged in the kamayan family-style feasts that personify Filipino culture? Then you’re in for a real treat at Pampanguena Cuisine. It’s one of the best ways to try the varying delicacies that this restaurant offers. Bring a few friends along and then prepare to treat yourselves to everything from lumpia and Filipino BBQ to shrimp fritters and lots of tasty sides.

6. The Sarap Shop

This trendy restaurant is just as cool as it is delicious. At the Sarap Shop, you’ll find lots of Filipino comfort food classics to indulge in. And, while it’s still only a food truck (and now a stand at the Warriors’ Chase Center Arena), it doesn’t stop it from being one of the most popular places for Pinoy food in San Francisco. And, they even offer vegan options. From vegan sisig sandwiches to adobo chicken wraps, they’ve got it all.

7. Kusina Ni Tess

No list of the best Filipino restaurants in San Francisco would be complete without mentioning Kusina Ni Tess. This is the go-to spot for many locals craving a homestyle meal that’s always unique and always authentic. Their rotating specials ensure you can sample various different plates each day of the week. And, at $10 or less for a full Filipino breakfast plate, you really can’t beat the price in terms of quality and flavour.

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