The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In Pennsylvania

Whether you’re craving tapa, torta or even adobo, you’ll find that the best Filipino restaurants in Pennsylvania serve it all up with some true traditional flavours that are hard to find at other Filipino restaurants in the United States.

And, because the Philippine archipelago is so vast, you can often find different variations of the same dish at various restaurants all over the state. That’s right, from Pittsburgh to Philly and even in Bethlehem, there’s great Filipino food to sample in the fine state of Pennsylvania.

Don’t believe us? We did the dirty work for you to figure out what places are serving up the tastiest Filipino dishes. You’ll find them at any one of our picks for seven of the best Filipino restaurants in Pennsylvania.

Best Filipino Restaurants In PennsylvaniaHow do these rankings work?

1. LALO – Philadelphia

Locals love LALO and for more than a few good reasons. This Filipino restaurant in Philly is well-known for serving fast-casual Filipino plates. Expect all of the fantastic, traditional flavours you know and love from Pinoy fare but with a unique, modern spin. And, while we suggest sampling the entire menu, you simply can’t pass on the chance to try their lechón kawali. It’s tantalising, tasty and super fresh.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Pennsylvania

2. Kaya – Pittsburgh

At its core, Kaya is a restaurant celebrating island cuisine from all over the world. They fuse culinary customs of the Caribbean Islands, South America, the Pacific and beyond. It’s like going on a flavourful cruise without ever leaving Pittsburgh, especially when it comes to their Filipino food. Try their adobo chicken wings (pictured below) for a unique take on the standard adobo you’d find in the Philippines.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Pennsylvania

3. Perla – Philadelphia

Perla has been making Pinoy plates pretty famous in Philly ever since 2016. Today, it’s easily one of the best Filipino restaurants in Pennsylvania, serving up family-style kamayan dinners. Never been to one? Now is the time to try. They serve up traditional, authentic Filipino recipes of pork, rice, fish, and veggies atop some beautiful banana leaves. It’s both culturally enriching and incredibly mouthwatering.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Pennsylvania

4. Pinoy Kitchen & Grill – Bethlehem

This unassuming little spot in Bethlehem might not, upon first glance, look like one of the best Filipino restaurants in Pennsylvania. However, as soon as you enter, you’re greeted by the delightful aroma of authentic dishes straight from the islands. And, on top of serving classics such as chicken afritada and lomi, they’ve also got traditional treats for sale on-site as well. Pandesal, anyone? You know you want some.

5. Mommy Telly’s Famous BBQ – Philadelphia

The special at Mommy Telly’s? Marinated meats and lots of them. The meats here are, as you can guess by the name of the restaurant, the star of the show. It’s actually a food cart located on the Drexel University campus as well, making it a great option for students or budget-friendly travellers interested in some tasty Filipino food that won’t break the bank. Be sure to try both the chicken and the pork.

6. Lola’s Eatery – Pittsburgh

Lola’s Eatery is a lot of things rolled into one. This cute little restaurant actually used to be an engine house. Today, it’s a place where locals head for brunch, leisurely afternoons and some of the best Filipino food in the city. They offer standard brunch fare. But, you’ll notice that they’ve also got unique takes on Filipino classics, too. Try the Adobo Pot Pie. It comes with adobo chicken, pork belly, all the classic fixings, bacon, and Sonny Rose Ranch hot honey. It’s as mouthwatering as it sounds.

7. Inihaw Filipino Barbecue – Bethlehem

From pork to chicken asado and some toasted and dumpling style buns, you can’t go wrong with Inihaw Filipino Barbecue’s Siopao. These hot buns are literally to die for. But, don’t fill up on them so fast. You’ve gotta make space for the BBQ as well. From pork BBQ skewers to grilled pork loin, it’s all so flavourful that you won’t be able to resist the urge to order seconds or even thirds.

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