Best Hot Dogs In Austin

The 7 Best Hot Dogs In Austin

Austin might be known for world-class shopping, craft beer bars and some of the state’s tastiest BBQ, but you’ll also find that the best hot dogs here are contenders for some of the most delicious food in the state.

And, while there are definitely places that pull out all the stops for July 4th and for summer in general, there are endless places in the Austin where you can find a mouthwatering hot dog year-round, too.

Get it piled-high with toppings and sauces or order it plain and simple as if it just came off the grill at a Texas summer barbecue. It doesn’t matter how you devour these Austin dogs, they’re going to leave you satisfied regardless.

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1. T-Loc’s Sonoran Style Hot Dogs

With roots in Arizona and Mexico, you’ll find T-Loc’s to serve not only the best hot dogs in Austin but also some of the best Sonoran-style dogs in the entire state. What’s Sonoran-style. Uh, nothing short of mouthwateringly tasty. Hot dogs come wrapped in bacon before they’re loaded up with beans, tomatoes, and jalapeños.

Best Hot Dogs In Austin

2. Mission Dogs

If you’re of the mindset that bacon-topped anything is a delicious delight then you’re in for a real treat at Mission Dogs. They serve some of the best hot dogs in Austin, and they just so happen to all be wrapped in bacon. Aside from a tasty bacon-wrapped base, they top them with creative ingredients, such as kimchi and wasabi mayo.

Best Hot Dogs In Austin

3. Ditty Dogs

Ditty Dogs is a food cart slinging some seriously delicious Austin dogs. And, they’re pretty inclusive, catering to both meat-lovers and vegans alike. Their beef hot dog and their vegan dog are both equally delicious. And, you can get both of them absolutely doused in some flavourful sauces. Order the Fulled Loaded and thank us later.

Best Hot Dogs In Austin

4. Glory Hole Hot Dogs

This 6th Street food truck has got some pretty creative hot dogs on the menu. They’re gourmet, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy something world-class but in a trendy food truck setting without the pretence that usually comes with gourmet food of this calibre. Guests can’t seem to get enough of the Sassy Gurl.

Best Hot Dogs In Austin

5. Wrigleyville South Dogs & Beef

When you’re craving nothing else but a traditional Vienna beef Chicago-style hot dog, head straight for Wrigleyville. It’s the second-best option when you can’t make it out to Wrigley Field. They stick pretty true to tradition here, too. The dog comes with yellow mustard, diced onions, tomato slices, a dill pickle spear, bright green sweet relish, sport peppers and celery salt.

6. Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar

You’d expect any self-proclaimed sausage bar to serve up some great hot dogs, wouldn’t you? In the case of Schaller’s, you’d be right. They serve up mostly German-style hot dogs. But, it’s hard to resist the delicious allure of the Steuben’s Ruben. It’s got Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and their special Stube Sauce.

7. Black Sheep Lodge

Last summer the Black Sheep Lodge served something called a Firecracker Dog. It came piled-high (in true Texas fashion) with a jumbo all-beef Nathan’s hot dog marinated in Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Then, they char-grilled it and topped it with blue cheese crumbles. Those are the kind of inventive, unique flavours you can expect to enjoy here.

Best Hot Dogs In Austin

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