Best Hot Dogs In Brooklyn

The 7 Best Hot Dogs In Brooklyn

It’s nearly impossible to rank all of the best hot dogs in New York City. There are so many different styles, so many different delicious spots. How do you choose just one? You start by breaking the city down by boroughs. You ask locals within each borough the simple question of, “Where can I find the best hot dog around here?”

And, you’ll find that most locals give various different answers. Everybody seems to have their favourite local spot they’ve been visiting for decades. So, what’s a hungry traveller to do when they’re after the best hot dogs in Brooklyn? We wanted to know, so we poked around and developed this guide.

No, it’s not a definitive guide to the absolute best hot dogs in New York City (with so many, is that even possible?). But, it is a comprehensive guide to some of the best hot dogs in Brooklyn. And, that’s a pretty tasty place to start.

Best Hot Dogs In BrooklynHow do these rankings work?

1. Nathan’s Famous

If you’re in the area for long enough, you’ll undoubtedly hear about Nathan’s Famous. Their hot dogs are all-beef dogs that are long and encased in all-natural, well, casing. Simply by looking at the hot dogs, you’d think they’re pretty simple, but the flavours are anything but. And, as a plus, they serve them at Coney Island. And, as a local, you might be over it. But, as a tourist, it’s the perfect combo of salty air and tasty goodness.

Best Hot Dogs In Brooklyn

2. Feltman’s

Back in 1867, Charles Feltman became, supposedly, the first person to put a hot frank inside of a bun. The term he used? A red hot, of course. So, it’s impossible to deny that Feltman’s, even still today, serves one of the best hot dogs in Brooklyn. However, you won’t find them at Coney Island’s Luna Park anymore. You can get them at Stop & Shop locations around the city. It’ll have to do, we guess.

Best Hot Dogs In Brooklyn

3. Crif Dogs

After two of the oldest hot dog competitors in Brooklyn, Crif Dogs is an easy contender as home to some of Brooklyn’s tastiest dogs. Here, they’re anything but traditional, and that’s part of the pull. Sure, they do serve a New Yorker Dog featuring a delicious grilled all-beef frankfurter. But, you’ll also want to try their Good Morning Dog. It comes wrapped in bacon and served with melted cheese and a fried egg. Delish.

4. The Lock Yard

The Lock Yard is another spot that doesn’t serve what you might dream of as a “traditional” Brooklyn dog. But, that doesn’t mean their hot dogs are incredibly inventive and flavourful. If you’re after something tasty and creative, head here and enjoy a great hot dog paired with even better beer. Get a Plain Jane or something special, like a Johnny Cash. It’s got chilli, shredded cheddar and diced white onion.

Best Hot Dogs In Brooklyn

5. Santa Salsa

Venezuelan hot dogs in the heart of Brooklyn? Uh, yes, please. Santa Salsa is a fun food shack serving Venezuelan street food such as burgers, sandwiches and, most namely, hot dogs. And, as you might expect, they’re quite unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Do yourself a favour and order the Perro con Todo. It comes with todo…a kosher frank, cabbage, cheddar, salsa and potato chips. Super hungry? Get it with bacon.

Best Hot Dogs In Brooklyn

6. Hard Times Sundaes

Andrew Zurica is well-known for his world-famous smash burgers. But, his all-beef hot dogs are so tantalising that you’re likely not to even notice the burgers when you visit. The style here is a deep-fried very Brooklyn-style dog that often comes wrapped in delicious bacon. Looking for something a little more loaded? Top it with some chilli.

7. Mill Basin Kosher Deli

If you’re not interested in a whole sit-down affair and want to explore a local NYC deli, check out the hot dogs at Mill Basin Kosher Deli. They serve everything from Hungarian beef goulash to plates of brisket. But, their iconic hot dogs served with just mustard and coleslaw? They’re some of the best in the city. And, they’re kosher.

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