Jazz bars New Orleans

7 Of The Best Jazz Bars In New Orleans

If there are three things New Orleans does right, it’s beignets, jambalaya and jazz. The French Quarter is overflowing with Jazz bars, and narrowing down which ones are the best can be a bit tough. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the best jazz bars in New Orleans.

This list includes everything from the cosy hole in the walls to swanky lounges.

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1. Davenport Lounge

Canal Streets Davenport Lounge is a must for those with a taste for the finer things. This luxurious bar is set in the Ritz-Carlton lounge and is known for its excellent cocktails and small bites. Wednesday through Saturday, you can find Jeremy Davenport here wowing the crowd with his jazz compositions.

2. The Spotted Cat

The Spotted Cat is the jewel of Frenchman Street and always packed. At first glance it’s a bit rundown, but not without charm. Every night the brassy quartet brings the bar and the dance floor to life. Get there early for a few cocktails and spend the night on the dance floor.

3. Monteleone Hotel Carousel Bar

It’s cute, it’s vintage, and it’s elegant. It’s Monteleone’s Hotel Carousel Bar and another favourite of Frenchman Street. This adorable yet sophisticated pick is perfect for date night when you just want to enjoy the atmosphere and music of the Big Easy.

4. Fritzels

Fritzel’s home is on world-famous Bourbon Street, and while most of the bar and clubs there are a bit kitschy, Fritzel’s is the real deal. It’s set up in the style of a German beer hall and famous for it’s Dixieland jazz that pours out of the bar nightly. Indulge in the schnapp cocktails and stay awhile.

5. Maple Leaf

Oak Street’s Maple Leaf is famous among tourists and locals for its showcasing of the best local talent. Rebirth plays every Tuesday, and one time, Bruce Springsteen even dropped by to jam out for a bit.

Jazz bars New Orleans

6. Maison Bourbon

Another Bourbon Street gem that’s worth checking out is Maison Bourbon. Decades ago, Harry Connick Jr. got his start here and later went on to become one of the most loved jazz composers in the world. Nightly they have live sets alongside dinner, and we definitely recommend trying a bite or two!

Jazz bars New Orleans

7. Sweet Lorraine’s

St. Claude Ave is home to one of Crescent City’s most charming, down-home jazz clubs – Sweet Lorraine’s. Famous for its string, brass and bebop jazz, warm staff and a delectable old school cajun menu, this join is a no-brainer. It’s so good in fact that Steve Wonder swung by for a secret show after Jazz Fest in 2015.

Jazz bars New Orleans

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