Where To Find The 7 Best Lobster Rolls In Maine

After recently ranking the Best Lobster Rolls in New England, we discovered that each charming, quaint New England town is home to its very own lobster roll community. Full of fans, aficionados and novices alike, residents of these towns know where to head for the best lobster roll and they’re not afraid to tell you all about it. So, when it comes to the best lobster rolls in Maine, where do you go?

There are numerous spots where you can indulge in a tasty meal of lobster meat served atop a grilled hot dog-style bun. Looking for the best lobster rolls in Maine? We’ve got you covered.

Best Lobster Rolls in Maine

1. McLoons Lobster Shack – South Thomaston

One look at this Maine lobster shack and you just know you’ve found foodie heaven. It’s about as authentic and Maine as it gets with its red panelling and waterfront views. And, boy, are the lobster rolls amazing. Here, they don’t mix the ingredients. They serve the mayo on the bottom, then slather on the lobster meat, and sandwich it all in the bun. It provides a nice balanced flavour with each bite.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

2. Bite Into Maine – Cape Elizabeth

Bite Into Maine is a unique food truck that takes the classic Maine lobster roll and puts a creative and very tasty spin on it. If you’re a die-hard lobster roll fan, you might roll your eyes. However, upon the first bite, you’ll be hit with a wave of unique flavours that’ll leave you a fan for life. They serve both traditional and non-traditional lobster rolls here, with one featuring coleslaw, celery salt and curry.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

3. Five Islands Lobster Co. – Georgetown

What makes the lobster rolls here so scrumptious is the fact that the spot gets fresh lobstered delivered consistently throughout the day. You’ll find that the freshness really takes the flavour to the next level. And, if you’re the kind of person that can do without the butter, you’ll love ’em even more. They only serve cold rolls here, none of that buttery stuff. Just fresh, high-quality lobster tossed with a bit of mayo.

4. Bob’s Clam Hut – Kittery

Kittery is a must for anybody planning a visit to Maine in the summertime. It’s about as magical as New England summer gets. And, while you’re there, you’re gonna want to try out Bob’s Clam Hut. Yes, for the clams, but also for the incredible lobster roll. Opt for the jumbo lobster roll as there’s no way you won’t be craving seconds of this delicious sandwich after you take your first bite. It’s just so well-balanced.

5. Quoddy Bay Lobster – Eastport

At Quoddy Bay Lobster they’re serving up some of the biggest, tastiest lobsters in New England. They source them from the nearby ports to ensure maximum freshness. Then, they serve them cold-only. Choose to have them with mao or Miracle Whip, which is a unique yet flavourful option. Or, just stick with the jumbo lobster roll for more meaty goodness and get it drizzled in butter. They’re honestly all fantastic.

best lobster rolls Maine

6. Becky’s Diner – Portland

Becky’s Diner might be known for their world-class burger or even their superb service, but it’s the tantalising taste of their lobster rolls that earned them a spot on our list of the best lobster rolls in Maine. It comes with a quarter-pound of fresh-picked lobster meat that they’ll top with mayo or a side of melted butter. Paired with their waffle fries, it’s out of this world good. You’ll be back for seconds for sure.

best lobster rolls Maine

7. Shannon’s Unshelled – Boothbay Harbor

As they put it, “fresh and overflowing with flavour” is how they serve their lobster rolls here. And, they’re spot on. Each massive roll comes loaded with a whole lobster served over a grilled bun and with garlic sea salt butter on the side. Love the claws and the tail? Here, they put it all on the roll, so you don’t have to choose. Fresh and flavourful, it’s hard to find a better lobster roll in Maine than this one.

best lobster rolls Maine

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