Best Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix

The 7 Best Mexican Restaurants In Phoenix

You don’t have to go far in Phoenix to find some of the best Mexican restaurants in all of Arizona. From burritos and tamales to traditional treats that are hard to find anywhere else, Arizona’s capital city is bursting with quality Mexican dishes that are delightful and delicious.

Whether you’re craving something traditional or are looking for a modern twist on classic dishes, the best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix have it all. Get ready to fill your plates and head back for seconds, because these places don’t disappoint.

Check out any one of the seven best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix to taste test for yourself.

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1. Rito’s Mexican Food

Rito’s has been serving irresistible, authentic Mexican food to Phoenix locals since 1977. After years of perfecting their recipes, it seems as though the dishes here just get better and better with time. Everything on the menu is worth a try, but it’s best to start by sampling their award-winning green chilli burritos. If you’ve got the room, add on a guacamole taco to your order. You won’t regret it.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix

2. Tacos Chiwas

As the name suggests, this is the place to go if you’re craving Chihuahua-style tacos. But, there’s something else on their menu that’s got the people of Phoenix buzzing. Their famous frijoles charros are a must if you’re interested in something superbly scrumptious. They simmer pinto beans in a bacon broth and mix it with fresh onions and cilantro to create a velvety. We’re drooling just thinking about it.

Best Tacos in Phoenix

3. Casa Corazon

Tacos, enchiladas, and a variety of other traditional Mexican plates are popular at Casa Corazon, one of the best Mexican restaurants in Phoenix. However, what sets this place a cut above the rest is their outstanding salsas. Experience a variety of at least a dozen well-crafted house salsas here. They all pair perfectly with their tacos, so make sure to sneak in a taco or two with your regular meal.

Best Mexican Food Restaurants in Phoenix

4. Taqueria Los Yaquis

Craving steak tacos in Phoenix? Taqueria Los Yaquis is famous for their $1 carne asada tacos. Mouthwatering meat that practically dissolves into your mouth is stuffed into fluffy tortillas that taste as if they’re straight off the streets of Mexico. Then, they smother the tacos with all of the standard ingredients that make them tasty. It’s a foodie experience you can’t afford to miss out on.

Phoenix Best Mexican Food Places

5. Hola Cabrito

While it doesn’t seem to be as common of a dish for travellers to enjoy, birria is one of the hottest dishes sold at Hola Cabrito. Chile-rubbed goat meat is roasted to perfection then doused in a flavourful broth. The result? Something so irresistible that you won’t be able to avoid coming back for seconds. If you’ve never tried this delectable Mexican dish then Hola Cabrito is the place to do so in Phoenix.

6. Ta’Carbon

Ta’Carbon is touted as having a Sonoran-style menu, which is basically like the Arizona style of Tex-Mex. However, they feature flavours, cooking styles, and dishes that taste truly authentic. Tacos are the true star at this Mexican restaurant. Indulge in tacos al pastor, barbacoa, or even carne asada. Literally, anything you order here is bursting with flavour.

7. Tacos Sahuaro

Tacos Sahuaro is a family-run restaurant serving some of the best tacos in all of Arizona. While they’ve currently only got nine different options to choose from on their menu, you don’t need any more choice as each one is delightfully delectable and features fresh ingredients that add to the quality taste. Pollo asado and chicarrón are some of the styles most mentioned by visitors, so it’s a great idea to start there and work your way onto the other tacos.

Best Mexican Food in Phoenix

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