The best Pizza in Phoenix

The 7 Best Pizzas In Phoenix

This is a city that with a truly electric and vibrant culinary scene, and when it comes to Phoenix pizza, it doesn’t let the side down.

We wanted to find the seven very best, including deep dish, single slices, classic Italian and New York-style. There is something for all types of pizza fans on the list!

So grab a friend and work up an appetite and start blasting your way through these incredible Phoenix pizza joints…

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Set in a restored 1913 bungalow, Cibo has hardwood floors, exposed brick, a stained-glass panel and a fireplace. In short it is the perfect place to come and unwind with some great food.

They serve antipasto, artisanal pizzas and home made fresh pasta​. We’d urge you to save all your appetite for the pizza because they are absolutely world class. Up there with the best you will ever taste.

2. La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria

This place is a wonderful venue that serves pastries, creative breakfast, gourmet pizzas and is also a funky retail grocery.

The staff are friendly, the produce first class and once you sink your teeth into one of their pizzas you will be hooked for life. It’s all about their lovely fresh and unique toppings.

3. The Parlor Pizzeria

The whole restaurant revolves around their wood oven and the wonderful smells and produce that come out of it.

Everything they serve is handmade daily, including all of the breads, pastas, and pastries. When the dough, sauce and cheese are this good you really only need minimal toppings.

Pizza in Phoenix

4. Pizzeria Bianco

Chris Bianco started making pies inside the back corner of a neighbourhood grocery store in 1988 and it has since become an institution. So much so, that it is fair to say they have changed the entire pizza scene in the city for the better.

30 years later and the pies still stand up and are loved by regulars. A medium dough is topped with wonderful seasonal ingredients for a delicious pie.

5. Lamp Pizzeria

Their high-temperature wood oven gives the pizzas a rustic authenticity and perfect char. If you life your bases thin and crispy then this is the place to come to.

They keep their toppings authentic and by sourcing the very best produce ensure that these pies are a winner every single time. Pizza in Phoenix doesn’t get much better then this.

Pizza in Phoenix

6. Grand Avenue Pizza Company

This is an old-school pizza parlor offering whole pies or individual slices. What really sets them apart are their unique and inventive toppings, with lots of revolving specials to keep you coming back.

Their broad selection means this is the ideal place to come for a few pies with friends, as there is something for everybody.

Pizza in Phoenix

7. Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

With six locations dotted around Phoenix you are never too far from one of their outlets and that is a very good thing.

They serve Chicago-style pizza, thin crust, stuffed and pan pizzas so whatever your favourite pie is you will find it here. Family-friendly and with consistently good service, Oregano’s is a must-visit.

Pizza in Phoenix

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