Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

The 7 Best Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

Planning a fancy meal out? There’s some incredible Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen, so ahead of the Michelin Guide Nordic Countries 2020,  we’ve sussed out our top picks from among the current stars. Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2019 has awarded a total of 22 stars to 17 restaurants in Copenhagen.

The city’s food scene has never been so strong. Put these places on your food bucket list ASAP, before reservations fill up for the entire year ahead… Here’s our guide to the hottest Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants In CopenhagenHow do these rankings work?

1. Noma

You just can’t come all the way to Denmark and not eat in one of the most talked about restaurants in the world. Getting a table is tricky, but if you manage it you’ll be taken on the culinary journey of your life.

The kitchen divides the year into three seasons, where the menu changes to match the current peak of ingredients. From early January to spring there is a Scandinavian seafood focus. From late June to late September a vegetable season. And from October to December, a game and forest menu.

2. Restaurant AOC

Their aim is to give you the ultimate sensory experience, through stimulating as many senses as possible – sight, smell, sound and taste.

The cuisine is based on Nordic produce, and the focus of chef Søren Selin is on the pure taste. The restaurant offers four to seven course set menus, which are the best way to dive headfirst into the full experience.

3. Relæ

For a no-nonsense gastronomic experience, this is top place in the city. Relæ has one star in Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2019.

The chefs travel the world to source inspiration for the menu here, which surprises with its unique flavours. The dishes are innovative and experimental, such as Swiss chard schnitzel and seaweed emulsion.

4. Søllerød Kro

Food critics are lining up to eat in this, country road inn, that’s considered one of the best in Denmark. And who can blame them? You’ll find it in the northern suburbs of Copenhagen but it’s well worth the trip.

Not only does Søllerød Inn offer outstanding gourmet menus with perfectly matching wines, the service is impeccable and unpretentious.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

5. Alouette

What might be the most beautiful restaurant in the city is also the one that’s the hardest to find. Michelin-decorated Alouette hides in a little neighbourhood on Islands Brygge and serves contemporary and refined dishes with the best produce of the season.

Owners Nick Curtain and Camilla Hansen, together with chef Andrew Valenzuela,  inspiration from USA’s many cuisines, as well as from their time in some of Copenhagen’s best restaurants, including Noma.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

6. Era Ora

Era Ora serves up the very best of North Italian cuisine. Fresh ingredients are flown in from Italy and all dishes are prepared according to time-honoured, traditional methods. Era Ora has held a Michelin star since 1997, making the restaurant the oldest continuous Michelin restaurant in Denmark and still the only Italian Michelin restaurant in Scandinavia.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

7. Geranium

Geranium holds three stars in Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2019. It was also ranked the 19th best restaurant in the world in 2019. So it’s no wonder that’s one of the best Michelin Star restaurants in Copenhagen.

The menu is ever changing, but sample dishes include Lightly Pickled Celeriac with Söl, Dried Mussels & Aromatic Seeds.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Copenhagen

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