Best Ribs In Myrtle Beach

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Myrtle Beach

True South Carolina-style barbecue is usually a whole hog affair. So, you can imagine that when it comes to the best ribs in Myrtle Beach, they sure know how to smoke up some of the tastiest, most succulent pork ribs in the country.

Often smothered in a vinegar-based sauce that’s pretty similar to North Carolina‘s famous BBQ sauce, you might also find these ribs soaked in something called Carolina Gold. If it sounds delicious it’s because it absolutely is.

Drooling and not sure where to head first? We’ve got you covered. Check out our picks for seven great places where you can treat yourself to the best ribs in Myrtle Beach. We promise you’ll be heading back for seconds.

Best Ribs In Myrtle BeachHow do these rankings work?

1. Carolina Roadhouse

Serving up Southern favourites galore, Carolina Roadhouse is whipping up a wide variety of tantalising BBQ dishes. But, it’s their fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs that we’re after today. They prepare them to perfection with a delightfully charred exterior. Then, they pour on a delicious sauce and serve them with crispy fries. Craving beef? Their slow-roasted aged beef ribs are just as delicious.

Best Ribs In Myrtle Beach

2. Damon’s Oceanfront

Damon’s Oceanfront knows exactly how to play to their strengths. It’s why they’ve scored the URL “ribs ribs ribs.” They don’t mess around when it comes to their ribs. They’re tender, meaty and smothered in their own proprietary sauce. The slow cooking process comes out in each bite, which tastes like a smokey, flavourful bite of BBQ heaven. There’s a reason why they’ve won so many awards.

Best Ribs In Myrtle Beach

3. Pop Pop’s Pit BBQ

What’s the secret to success at Pop Pop’s Pit BBQ? The fact that it’s low and slow-smoked over a special blend of wood. This yields a pretty tantalising, unique mixture of flavours that are hard to resist, especially when it comes to their tender ribs. Come on, just look at how incredibly saucy they are. Their sauce is what adds so much flavour. It’s a tomato-based sauce with a vinegar bite. You’ll be buying a bottle to take home for sure.

Best Ribs In Myrtle Beach

4. Simply Southern Smokehouse

Craving ribs and lots of them? Simply Southern Smokehouse is a BBQ and country-style buffet in Myrtle Beach serving everything from ribs and brisket straight on through to tasty mac and cheese and some truly tantalising desserts. Head in after 5 pm to ensure you can enjoy their tasty ribs. The best part? As a buffet, it means you can eat as many as your stomach will hold.

South Carolina Ribs

5. Fire and Smoke

A true gastropub at heart, Fire and Smoke is a must on any foodie tour of Myrtle Beach. Whether you’re interested in sampling their duck confit nachos or the unique and impressive bone marrow pudding, you’re going to be blown away by all of the flavours here. And, their ribs are just as elevated in terms of flavour and style. It tastes more like a fine dining dish than pub BBQ and we’re totally here for it.

6. Chuck’s Steakhouse

Craving meat? Chuck’s Steakhouse should be your go-to spot in this South Carolina city. Appetizers include everything from pulled pork sliders to deep-fried pork shanks. But, there’s nothing quite as mouthwatering as their full meal of baby back ribs. Featuring tender, meaty and tangy finger-licking pork ribs, they baste them four times in their homemade BBQ sauce. It’s oh-so-delicious…enough to order seconds.

7. Big Mike’s Soulfood

Big Mike serves food that’s good for the soul. Each and every bite of food here truly does hit you straight in the heart with its flavours and unique preparation. Taste a bit of the South as you graze your way through their BBQ ribs. Order them as part of a platter on Mondays and Saturdays when you can pair them with other smoked meats and a nice variety of authentic Southern sides.

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