The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Pittsburgh

We’ve reviewed the best ribs in Philadelphia, but Pittsburgh deserves just as much attention for its fantastic foodie scene, including some world-class BBQ restaurants serving up tantalising, melt-in-your-mouth ribs.

And, sure, the Pittsburgh isn’t exactly known for its BBQ joints. But, once you discover just how fantastic the ribs here are, we think you’ll be converted into a fan for life. Finger-licking good sauce paired with tender, juicy ribs…it really doesn’t get much better than this, does it?

Grab some friends, pre-game with a few beers at one of the city’s best craft beer bars, then prepare to treat yourself to some of the best ribs in Pittsburgh. We guarantee you’ll be left in a dizzying state of satisfaction.

Best Ribs In PittsburghHow do these rankings work?

1. Showcase BBQ

You’ll know you’re arriving at Showcase BBQ by the incredibly delectable smell that leads you right to the locale. They smoke their out-of-this-world ribs right outside of the restaurant, ensuring they’re as fresh as can be. And, they douse them in their own house BBQ. It’s got a tangy sweetness too it that makes it easy to crave more.

2. YinzBurgh BBQ

At YinzBurgh, it’s all about barbecue straight from the “coastal plains of Georgia,” as they put it. This means that they’ll smoke their meats low and slow over hardwood. The result is a fantastic flurry of flavours that truly makes their short ribs melt in your mouth. Bite after bite, it’s like you’re chowing down on a slice of heaven.

3. Big Rig’s BBQ

Just a short drive outside of the hustle and bustle of Pittsburgh is where you’ll find Big Rig’s BBQ. And, their focus here is on “chef-driven craft meats.” They serve everything from Texas-style brisket to glazed burnt ends. But, their ribs are an absolute must if you visit. They feature a house rub that tastes delicious after they smoke it over hickory wood.

4. Pittsburgh Barbecue Company

When sampling the best ribs in Pittsburgh, it makes sense that you’d head to a place called the Pittsburgh Barbecue Company. The city’s home to two different carryout locations where you can order their world-class Carolina-style BBQ ribs. Before they smother them in a vinegar-based sauce, they use a tantalising 17-spice dry rub to give it premium flavouring.

Best Ribs In Pittsburgh

5. South Side BBQ Company

Not craving Texas or Carolina-style ribs in Pittsburgh? South Side BBQ is one of the best spots for fans of St. Louis-style ribs. This means they’re extra tender and extra flavourful. Get them super saucy and prepare to use more than one napkin throughout your meal. Oh, and prepare to be craving seconds. Everybody does.

6. ZBest BBQ Ribs

Hearty plates of chicken and ribs are just part of what makes the comfort food here simply…”zbest.” Savoury and authentic Southern sides accompany the meals at ZBest BBQ Ribs. And, while you could devour an entire plate of their ribs alone, they’re that mouthwatering, the sides really ensure you get a true taste of the South.

7. Ribs N Bread

Well, the name says it all, doesn’t it? Ribs N Bread definitely serves more than just BBQ ribs and bread. But, there’s a reason they’ve put ribs in their name. They’re what the spot is famous for. And, their pork ribs are scrumptious. But, if you’re feeling extra daring, try the insanely delicious BBQ turkey ribs. Different? Yes. Delicious? Very much so.

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