coffee shops in Pittsburgh

7 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Pittsburgh

When people think “Pittsburgh“, they usually think of an industrious city full of bridges. They aren’t wrong. Pittsburgh was a booming industrial hub and is home to more bridges than anywhere else in the world. However, it also boasts some seriously cosy cafes. Here are seven of the best coffee shops in Pittsburgh.

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1. Pear And The Pickle

Pear And The Pickle checks all of the boxes when it comes to a neighbourhood cafe. It’s cosy, has warm baked goods, and most of all, delicious coffee. Don’t leave Pittsburgh without popping in for at least one dose of caffeine.

2. Commonplace Coffee

This roastery slash coffee shop gets caffeine right with its warm atmosphere and delicious roasts. Julie and TJ started Commonplace Coffee because they wanted to provide what they love about cafes to Pittsburgh. They wanted to give a quiet place to read, chat or study while providing delicious coffee and that’s precisely what they’ve done with Commonplace Coffee.

3. The Black Cat Market

If you love cats and you love coffee, The Black Cat Market is the place for you. This quirky coffee shop is known for its local music, art community, excellent baristas and of course – cats!

4. 4121 Main

1920’s flare, art gallery setting and chic decor meet in this upscale cafe. Perfect for a work meeting or morning coffee breaks, it’s no wonder that it’s a favourite in Pittsburgh. Get your fix in a charming cafe that combines coffee, art and floristry into one unique concept.

5. Redhawk Coffee

Redhawk Coffee is a small coffee joint with a big reputation. This fan favourite started as a small and humble espresso truck and grew into a permanent storefront. Don’t leave without having one of their deliciously frothy lattes.
coffee shops in Pittsburgh

6. Kaibur Coffee

Kaibur Coffee is a vegan and vegetarian haven. Their delicious milk alternatives and stout roasts mean you get a creative cup every time. Be sure to have one…or five of their yummy pastries and an oat milk latte.
coffee shops in Pittsburgh

7. Gasoline Street Coffee

This vintage gas station inspired cafe is a downtown staple. It’s friendly staff, charming retro atmosphere and delicious brews are what make it sing. With a slogan that says “building community one cup at a time” it’s no wonder that it’s a favourite among locals. Be sure to try their “diesel drip” for a much-needed jolt of energy.

coffee shops in Pittsburgh

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