The 7 Best Spots For Sunset In Madrid

Flamenco music plays softly in the background as rays of pink and golden sunlight break through the leaves on swaying trees. Excited locals rant and rave about their days as they sip on cheap yet tasty wine and tapas they’ve strewn out all over the grass.

If this sounds like a dream then you clearly have never been to watch a sunset in Madrid at one of the city’s most popular parks or perched atop one of Spain’s hottest rooftop bars. Because if so, then you’d know it’s nothing short of reality here. Spanish sunsets are legendary, but there’s nothing quite like the sunlit shows that Madrid puts on in the afternoon.

To truly witness the magnificence that is a Madrid atardecer, you’ll want to check out any one (or eventually all) of these seven best spots for sunset in Madrid. Prepare to snap some spectacular photos.

Best Spots For Sunset In Madrid

1. Templo de Debod

The scenario from the intro? That’s exactly what sunset at the Templo de Debod is like during the spring and summertime in Madrid. If the sun hits the Egyptian pyramid ruins at just the right angle then you’re in for an early evening show complete with dancing sunrays, likely the sound of at least one person strumming the guitar and a buzz and hum typical of Madrid.

Best Spots for Sunset in Madrid
Image: Laura Sedlacek

2. Círculo de Bellas Artes

If you prefer a vantage point that gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire city as it’s splashed in the evening sunlight, head up to the Azotea at the Círculo de Bellas Artes. Serving up stunning views of different parts of the city, this charming rooftop bar is the spot for sunset in Madrid. It costs about €4 to get in, but once you’re there you can sit back and enjoy the show or order drinks and even dinner.

Best Spots for Sunset in Madrid
Image: Jens Vollmer-Konig

3. Parque Cerro del Tío Pío

This park provides the perfect view of Madrid from a little bit outside the city. This means that you can watch it light up in the afternoon as the sun begins to dip below the horizon. And, the park’s also home to the “seven boobs.” It’s what the locals call the seven hills that personify the park’s landscapes. It makes for an even more stunning sunset, trust us.

Best Places to Watch Sunset in Madrid 2020
Image: Ignacio Izquierdo

4. Palacio Real

If the park surrounding the Templo de Debod is a bit too crowded, then walk about five minutes outside of the park to reach the Royal Palace or El Palacio Real. Depending on where the sunsets hitting the building, it can sometimes cast a pretty fantastic light onto the gardens below. Plus, the Cathedral de la Almudena is simply enchanting around dusk, which makes it one of the best spots for sunset in Madrid regardless.

Image: Tell Me About Madrid

5. El Retiro Park

Few places in Madrid are as magical as El Retiro. This bustling, lively park is nearly always bursting with vida. During the warmer months, you’ll find people out and about all over the park. From the iconic lake to the Palacio de Cristal, there are numerous great spots here to settle in for sunset. However, we suggest visiting on a Saturday or Sunday, sitting out in front of the lake and listening to sweet live jazz as day turns to night.

Image: Drive Spain

6. Faro de Moncloa

For one of the highest views of a Spanish sunset in Madrid, head straight up to the Faro de Moncloa. This 92-metre-high tower and observation deck provides a superb spot from which to watch the Spanish sun slowly set. Sure, you won’t get to walk around and enjoy watching the light bounce off of trees and rooftops, but it’s a great spot for cold weather sunsets for sure.

Image: Alizée T.

7. Nice To Meet You Sky Lounge

Offering up 360-degree views of Madrid from high above, the exclusive plunge pool at the Dear Hotel Madrid is one of the best spots for a city sunrise, sunset or all-day views. However, if you’re not a guest then you’ll have to settle for the views at the Nice To Meet You Sky Lounge. It’s part of the hotel, so it serves similar skyline views. They’re just as jaw-dropping, especially when paired with a caña or copa. And, you can turn the affair into a whole evening twilight dinner.

Image: Nice To Meet You Madrid
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