best walks Newport RI

7 best walks in Newport RI

Newport is a city set on Aquidneck Island in the New England state of Rhode Island. It is famous for its gorgeous mansions, beautiful boutique shopping, and incredible ocean views. However, this island is also home to great hiking and walking trails with stunning scenery. From light and leisurely strolls along the coastline to hardcore hikes in picturesque forests, here are some of the best walks in Newport, RI.

7 Scenic Walks in Newport RI

1. Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk is a nearly 7-mile long trail that starts near Easton’s Beach. Once you reach the point called The Overlook, you can see Aquidneck Island and the southern Massachusetts coast, including the Sakonett Lighthouse and, on clear days, Martha’s Vineyard. This route is great if you want many views of historic mansions and the ocean. On one side of the trail is the ocean crashing against the cliffs below, and some of the most magnificent, grandiose mansions on the East Coast flank the other side of the trail.

2. Fort Adams Bay Walk

This two-mile paved walk follows the peninsula on which Fort Adams sits. You’ll have a backdrop of panoramic views of Newport and its famous bridge as you walk the trail. The trail is also full of historical places and points of interest, including Fort Adam, which was active from The War of 1812 through World War 2. To get to the trail from the parking lot, walk towards Eisenhower House and continue on the Bay Walk. There are plenty of parking spaces, and it is free to park. 

best walks Newport RI

4. Brenton Point State Park

Brenton Point State Park is a large public recreation area on the southwestern tip of Aquidneck Island. The park rises above Ocean Drive and has many big, grassy fields for walking and picnicking. From the park, you can also walk down to the shoreline to explore the rock and tide pools. The park is an idyllic place to enjoy hiking, bird watching, fishing and majestic ocean views.
best walks Newport RI

5. Historic Downtown Newport

One of our favourite walks in Newport is around the historic streets of downtown. The Historic Downtown Newport route takes you along the water, past dozens of historic buildings and several museums and attractions. For those who like their walks with a side of shopping, you’ll also pass many outdoor malls and shopping centres. You’ll also visit picturesque colonial neighbourhoods.
best walks Newport RI

6. Castle Hill Lighthouse Walk

This 0.7-mile out-and-back trail takes you to Castle Hill Lighthouse on Narragansett Bay at the end of the historic Ocean Drive. This lighthouse is an active navigation aid for vessels entering the East Passage between Conanicut Island and Aquidneck Island. This walk is relatively easy and short; it takes about 15 minutes to complete. However, one of the best things about this walk is it is usually uncrowded, so it is a great one to do when you need to clear the cobwebs or just want to bask in the silence and solitude.
best walks Newport RI

7. Ocean Drive Historic District

The Ocean Drive Historic District is a 10-mile stretch of winding road with commanding coastline views. Ocean Drive is the name of the road. Start your walk off Bellevue Avenue and continue for as long as you like. It is a wonderfully tranquil journey with jaw-dropping views. As you walk, you’ll pass by Gilded Age mansions, Brenton Point State Park, Fort Adams State Park, and Gooseberry Beach. You’ll also pass Hammersmith Farm, where Jackie Kennedy grew up. The soothing sounds of the waves meeting the cliffs below accompany you on your walk.
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