Where to Drink Wine in Amsterdam

The 7 Best Wine Bars In Amsterdam

There are close to 200 commercial vineyards in the Netherlands, making it one of Europe’s many wine-producing countries. And, while Dutch wine might not be one of the most popular varieties amongst world travellers, you’ll find that the country produces some delightful Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and more.

When visiting the Netherlands you’ll be delighted to learn that the wine culture is alive and thriving. In fact, one of the best wine bars in Amsterdam made our list of the 50 Best Wine Bars in Europe. So, if you’re a wine lover, or even a newbie just looking for a buzz, the city’s got something to offer you in a variety of ways.

Settle in for a cosy evening and check out any one of the seven best wine bars in Amsterdam. From wine to bubbles and all the way back around to special Dutch varieties, you’re sure to find something you love.

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1. Bubbles & Wines

Trendy, eclectic and absolutely dripping with style, Bubbles & Wines is one of the best wine bars in Amsterdam for travellers after something both tasty and luxurious. As the name suggests, they offer both wine and champagne here, with 50 wines by the glass to sample and even more variety by the bottle. We suggest starting with the tasting flight; you’ll get three half-glasses of wine that you can choose according to grape, region or quality.

Best Wine Bars in Amsterdam

2. Glou Glou

With such a trendy name and laidback style, you’d think that Glou Glou might be slacking a bit in the wine selection department. However, this is one of the absolute best wine bars in Amsterdam, heck even all of Europe, to sample purely natural wines.  They source their wine from farms that don’t use pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. The result? Something unique and delicious.

Best Wine Bars in Amsterdam

3. Wijnbar Paulus

Wijnbar Paulus is so cosy that you’ll find yourself wanting to stay the night. It’s got modern decor yet feels relaxing and warm enough to feel as if you’re simply visiting a Dutch friend at his house to chill and chat over a glass or two of wine. We suggest starting with flight, which will get you three to six half glasses of mostly European wines. Pair them with ham, cheese, bread, and other tasty treats for pretty much the best evening you’ll ever have in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Wine Bars

4. Wijnbar diVino

Italian wine, intimate tables, and a cosy, candlelit interior make diVino easily one of the best wine bars in Amsterdam. If you love everything Italian then this is the place for you, as their wine list highlights some of the best wine and food from the Mediterranean country. We suggest heading here on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday as they’ve got wine pairings; you can savour the flavours of Italy in both wine and charcuterie.

5. Wijnbar Boelen & Boelen

Interested in history? Boelen & Boelen claims to be the oldest wine bar in the Netherlands. How’s that for history? The sommelier here truly knows their stuff as they’ve crafted a superb menu of at least 35 wines by the glass and nearly 100 by the bottle. A French-inspired menu pairs perfectly with their High Wine afternoon event. It’s a decadent affair where you’ll be served sparkling wine, two glass of white and red wine, along with some snacks to graze through.

Where to Drink Wine in Amsterdam

6. Winehouse SOMM

The concept behind Winehouse SOMM is truly unique, and it’s clear that they’re dedicated to their culinary craft. They believe in the art of pairing a good wine with good food. And that’s why they’re known for their 4, 5, or 6-course menu.  Enjoy taking your tastebuds on a guided journey through fantastic flavours. Or, simply stop by for a glass or two of a label you’ve never tried before.

7. Rayleigh & Ramsay

Last, but definitely not least, Rayleigh & Ramsay deserves a spot on any list of the best wine bars in Amsterdam. Billed and described as a bit of a “candy store for adults,” this impressive bar is more of a “hospitality concept with more than 100 open wines.”  Opt for their Wine Pass, which allows you to sample countless wines straight from their state-of-the-art dispensers.

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