The 7 Best Wine Bars In Barcelona

Home to some of the world’s best tapas, sangria, and paella, you’ll find that the best wine bars in Barcelona often combine all three to form a truly mouthwatering experience for travellers.

Wine bars in Barcelona range from quaint, cosy taverns serving strictly Spanish wine to modern, updated bars that serve a variety of wines from all over the world. Really, it’s hard to rank them as they’re all so unique in their atmosphere as well as wine offerings.

Whether you’re looking to dive head-first into Spanish wine culture or are after a trendier bar where you can sample wines from Catalonia and beyond, there’s something on this list for everybody. Check out any one of the seven best wine bars in Barcelona to sample some of the finest wines and vibes in the world.

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1. Monvínic

Elegance, style, and variety melt together at Monvínic to form one of the best wine bars in Barcelona. This chic bar is a mecca for wine lovers, offering over 3,000 different bottles to choose from. Simply browse the list on their provided tablets to find a wine you’d like to sample. Then, enjoy relaxing in one of the chicest bars in Barcelona.

Best Wine Bars in Barcelona

2. Bodega Maestrazgo

Head to one of the oldest local wine stores in Barcelona for a few, or more, glasses of some of the finest Spanish wine. The staff is what truly makes this place one of the best wine bars in Barcelona, as they’re incredibly knowledgable and will even give you insight into their coveted limited-edition selection of wines if you’re into sampling something exclusive.

Wine Bars Barcelona

3. Els Sortidors del Parlament

If you fancy sampling the local fare, then Els Sortidors del Parlament offers a variety of wines from Catalonia. And, you can pair them with the excellent tapas they serve on-site. Try ordering the quail egg omelette with black truffle oil and pair it with a fine-tasting red wine. Or, sample any of the beers they’ve got on tap. They’re truly thought of it all.

Barcelona Bars Best for Wine Tasting

4. Cellarer Wine Bar

Cellarer is perhaps one of the trendiest wine bars in Barcelona. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a warm, welcoming family living room that’s been done up to feature tropical vibes and chic decor. While the wine list is varied and features wines from nearly everywhere, the tapas menu is heavily influenced by South American cuisine. Add on the perfect playlist they’ve usually got going and this is a great place to spend the evening with friends or family.

5. Bodega La Puntual

While Bodega La Puntual is fairly new, the building itself dates back to the 1800s, giving this place an interesting new-world Barcelona meets old-world Spain vibe. Classic tapas are served here along with a wine list that’s very heavy on the Rioja and Ribera regions. The long communal tables make this a great spot for enjoying with a large group of friends.

Barcelona's Best Wine Bars

6. Bodega 1900

There’s a lot to enjoy at Bodega 1900. From Spanish wine and cured meats to vermouth and tapas, everything you could possibly want out of a visit to Barcelona is within reach at this trendy little bar. Head here early to sample a few different kinds of wine, then make your way across the street to Tickets to enjoy a delightful tasting menu. It’s owned by the same family, and the food is so delicious that it simply can’t be missed.

7. Can Cisa

While not as popular in Spain yet in other areas of the world, natural and organic wines are quickly gaining fame. Can Cisa is the best wine bar in Barcelona if you’re looking to indulge in natural wines. Choose from one of the over 700 bottles available. Then, head over to the attached Bar Brutal for some tantalising snacks. It’s a combination you’ll never forget.

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