Vancouver's Best Wine Bars

The 7 Best Wine Bars In Vancouver

It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time lover of vino or if you’re simply visiting Vancouver and are looking to treat yourself to a tasty glass or two of wine, the best wine bars in this British Columbia city have it all.

You actually might be surprised to learn that some of Canada’s best wine comes from wineries in British Columbia. So, if you’re passing through the Canadian province it might be worth a stop or two.

Don’t have the time? Simply check out any one of the spots on our list of the seven best wine bars in Vancouver.

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1. Vancouver Urban Winery

For travellers staying downtown, you’ll love the central location of the Vancouver Urban Winery. As the name suggests, this boutique winery produces its own wine and lets it pour from their 36 taps. Tack on some pretty delicious dishes such as yam gnocchi with lamb ragu and its easily one of the best wine bars in Vancouver.

Best Wine Bars In Vancouver

2. Salt Tasting Room

Can’t sample wine without a nice pairing of wine and cheese? Then you’ll love the charcuterie available at Salt Tasting Room. The lovely array of wine labels available pairs perfectly with the artisan cheese and cured meats. We suggest opting for a tasting flight and letting the flavours overcome your tastebuds sip after sip.

Best Wine Bars In Vancouver

3. Wildebeest

A trendy decor might seem to overpower the impressive wine list here. However, after getting over the initial shock of how trendy the space is, you’ll likely feel mystified by the diverse range of Old and New World wines. Farm-to-table dishes ensure you’ll have something tasty to pair your wine with regardless of what you order.

Where to Do Wine Tasting in Vancouver

4. TWB – The Wine Bar

With a name like The Wine Bar, you know what you’re getting into when you plan an evening here. As one of the best wine bars in Vancouver, this spot perfectly mixes upscale bistro-like charm with a laid-back atmosphere that’s elegant and charming. Visitors will love the chance to sample local British Columbia wines.

Vancouver's Best Wine Bars

5. UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar

Planning a quick visit to Vancouver? Book a stay at the boutique hotel Moda and then spend your evenings sipping glass after glass at UVA, an Italian wine bar and cocktail lounge. The wine flights available are perfectly themed for those looking to go on a tasting journey. Choose from “trips” such as the Italian Tourist or the New Empire.

6. L’Ufficio

This wine bar doubles as a trattoria. Because, is there really anything better than pairing quality wine with delicious Italian dishes? If you’re looking to stick with small sharing plates, you can enjoy more than your fair share here, along with wines from all over nearly every region of Italy.

7. España Restaurant

As the name suggests, this is the spot to enjoy Spanish wine in Vancouver. It’s a great place to take a date to as every single wine offering here takes your tastebuds on a journey to Spanish tabernas and back. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try ordering one of their wine-related drinks, such as kalimotxo or sangria.

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