Best Winter Sun Destinations February 2020

The 7 Best Winter Sun Destinations To Visit In February 2020

Tired of the cold weather? We don’t blame you. Thousands of travellers plan winter vacations each year just to get away from the winter gloom and replenish their levels of Vitamin D. 

In fact, nearly a quarter of all Americans actually prefer winter vacations, citing the lack of tourists, lower costs, and desire to get away from the bad weather as reasons why. However, not every winter sun destination is created equal.

In preparation for one of the busiest travel periods of the year, we thought we’d check out which winter sun destinations are the best to visit in February 2020. After all, it’s one of the most romantic months of the year, so you’re going to want to make sure you plan your vacation accordingly. 

Pack your bags, set your away messages, and prepare to treat yourself to an early Valentine’s Day gift. Head to any one of the seven best winter sun destinations in February 2020 for a warm-weather holiday. You deserve it.

Best Winter Sun Destinations February 2020

1. Guadalajara, Mexico

According to Skyscanner, Guadalajara is one of the best cities for winter getaways in 2020. The average price for international flights during the winter months is $319, which is nearly $100 lower than flights during the rest of the year. And, the warmer weather ensures you’ll get lots of sun during your trip. It gets chilly at night but during the day the sun comes out and warms up the city so you can explore Jalisco, the birthplace of both mariachi and tequila.

Average winter temperature: 7°C to 27°C/45°F to 81°F

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2. Tampa, Florida

If you’re in the United States and are looking for a great domestic winter sun destination in February, check out Tampa. Kayak users found round-trip tickets to Tampa from Chicago for just $100, and from New York for just $136. Average domestic plane tickets cost $236, which is $33 less than they normally are. And, it’s hard to beat the superb, sunny weather and mild temperatures. You’ll be able to enjoy pristine beaches that aren’t as crowded as they are in Miami.

Average winter temperature: 14°C to 23°C/57°F to 74°F

Best Winter Sun Destinations February 2020

3. Montego Bay, Jamaica

If you can’t make it through the winter without jetting off to a Caribbean island, Jamaica is the most budget-friendly option for you. You can snag some nice hotel deals offering nights as low as $30. And, plane tickets are at their absolute cheapest in February. Round-trip tickets from New York can cost less than $400, making Montego Bay a great choice for a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway for two. Indulge in jerk chicken, lounge on the beach, and groove to live reggae.

Average winter temperature: 20°C to 29°C/69°F to 84°F

4. Cairo, Egypt

The cheapest month to fly to Egypt is in February. And, while flying to Africa is usually never cheap for any savvy traveller, you’ll find that Cairo is a budget traveller’s paradise in February. Not only are the crowds significantly smaller at top tourist attractions, but the weather is sunny and balmy without being too blisteringly hot. Cairo is easily one of the best winter sun destinations to visit in February 2020, allowing you to gaze in awe and wonder at the iconic ancient pyramids without too many other tourists.

Average winter temperature: 11°C to 21°C/52°F to 70°F

Best Winter Sun Destinations February 2020

5. Pape’ete, Tahiti

Looking to really wow your partner this Valentine’s Day? Take advantage of winter deals and book a flight to Tahiti. No, tickets won’t be cheap per se, but they will be the cheapest you’ll ever find them. According to Google Travel Trends, Pape-ete is the most popular winter travel destination for American travellers this year. And, tickets to the capital city of French Polynesia are cheapest from January to May. Natural rock pools, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and lush landscapes await you at this idyllic paradise island.

Average winter temperature: 21°C to 28°C/70°F to 83°F

Best Winter Sun Destinations February 2020

6. Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide made our list of the 50 Hottest Travel Destinations in 2020 due to the fact that travel to Australia is causing most major cities to see a 5% to 20% increase in visitors next year. In 2020, plan a road trip through Australia’s wild, winding coast and outback, starting off in Adelaide. it’s a pretty budget-friendly place to begin your adventure. And, February is the cheapest month to travel regardless of where you’re coming from.

Average winter temperature: 18°C to 29°C/64°F to 84°F

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7. Dubai, UAE

The high-flying city of the United Arab Emirate, Dubai is one of the most glamorous destinations you’ll ever visit. Millions of tourists flock to the Middle Eastern city each year and it’s particularly popular amongst European tourists looking to escape the winter weather. If you’re smart about when you shop, you can snag a flight from a major US city such as New York for just over $500. And, February is perhaps one of the mildest months in terms of heat.

Average winter temperature: 15°C to 26°C/60°F to 78°F

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