7 Best Places To Eat Birmingham Curry

The 7 Best Places To Eat Curry In Birmingham

Birmingham curry is right up there in terms of places where home you’ll find some of the very best in the world. Both the Indian and Pakistani communities were integral to creating such a curry culture in the city and this delicious dish is an absolute joy to eat here.

With so many great spots to choose from in Brum, it’s hard to narrow it down to just 7 spots but these are as good as it gets.

Best Birmingham Curry

1. Itihaas

This is high-end Indian cooking at its very best. The lamb shank dish is so much more than just a curry and you’ll never want to leave this spot with its lavish interiors in the Jewellery Quarter.

Itihaas Curry

2. Al Frash

You just know that when somewhere has been around this long and people are still flocking to it, then you’re onto something special. Al Frash has picked up heaps of awards and global reviews as being the very best Birmingham curry.

Al Frash Curry

3. Lasan

Lasan is a fine dining spot that featured on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F Word’ in 2010 and has enjoyed a blaze of publicity ever since. The thing is though, they 100% back up the hype with gorgeous curries and super friendly staff.

Lasan Curry

4. Umami

You’ll find this spot on Lordswood Road, just off Harborne High St. Unlike most curry houses you’ll get scallops, lobster and other high-end ingredients cooked to absolute perfection. Don’t worry, they also have the best classics though.

Umami Curry

5. Asha’s

Chow down on all the classic curries that you would expect, with a special mention for their chicken biryani which is a real triumph. Asha’s is constantly winning awards for having the best curry in the region.

Asha's the classic curries

6. Jilabi Indian Restaurant

This curry house is worth coming to for their spectacular meat platters alone. Go for one of the huge sharing boxes that will set you up perfectly for a taste of their truly divine curries.

Jilabi Indian Restaurant

7. Raja Monkey

One for the true curry aficionados, Raja Monkey are especially famous for their Thalis which their punters rave about. They also do a really super flame-grilled kebab, which once you taste you’ll be coming back for over and over again.

Raja Monkey Curry

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