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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Brittany

When it comes to ‘gram-worthy places, there are endless Instagrammable Spots across the globe, but which ones are the best Brittany, France Instagram spots?

From urban skylines and tropical rainforest waterfalls to cotton-candy-hued cafés, we’ve rounded up the most photogenic places in every country in the world. The places where you’ll capture travel photos that you’ll want to share with everyone you know.

Visiting Brittany, France?

These are the top seven spots you can’t afford to leave off your feed.

1. Mont-Saint-Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable spots in France, which means it’s definitely the spot where you’ll want to start your Brittany, France Instagram journey. From the bay to the castle itself, you could spend an entire day here snapping hundreds of Instagram photos.

Instagram Brittany France

2. The Walled Town of Dinan

Looking for Brittany, France Instagram photos? Here, you’ll feel like Belle straight out of the Beauty and the Beast.

This fortified French city is one of Brittany’s most magical towns. Timber-framed buildings, narrow cobblestone streets, and the city’s charming fortress walls all combine to turn Dinan into a bit of a fairytale.

Most Instagrammable City in Brittany France

3. Saint-Malo

The port city of Saint-Malo is surrounded by turquoise blue water that perfectly contrasts against the Gothic-style architecture. For the best Brittany Instagram photo here, head out onto the sea walk walkway.

4. Cote Sauvage

Cote Sauvage is where the Atlantic Sea meets wooded pine forests. The combination is quite striking, making the area a unique place to explore. Your best bet for great Insta photos, however, are going to be along the shore.

Brittany France Instagram

5. Château de Fougères

Journey back to the Middle Ages at one of Europe’s biggest castles. Whether you spend the day walking the grounds of the chateau or decide to explore inside, you’ll find many different spots for unique, authentic Brittany Instagram posts.

Most Instagrammable Castles in Europe

6. Ploumanach

You might not think that 300-million-year-old rocks are Insta-worthy, but the Pink Granite Coast of Brittany is a stunning sight to see. Nearby, the Castel Meur provides a great reference point for photos that contrast against the blue sea and sky.

7. The Gardens of Vannes

Forget Versailles, if you’re travelling to France, then you’re definitely going to want to make your way to Brittany to photograph the Gardens of Vannes. In terms of landscapes that aren’t sea-filled, it’s the best spot for Instagram photos in Brittany.

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