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25 Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in the US

The United States boasts an incredibly diverse Latin food scene. From Cuban eateries in Miami to old school taquerias in Brooklyn, there are plenty of colourful flavours to go around. Puerto Rican restaurants are no exception either. If you’re on the hunt for incredible Puerto Rican fare, this list has you covered from hole in the walls to upscale eateries. Here are the 25 best Puerto Rican restaurants in the US.

Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in the US

1. Made in Puerto Rico – Bronx, New York

While ranking the best Puerto Rican restaurant in the US is pretty difficult, Made in Puerto Rico certainly earns the top spot. They’re famous for blending modern Latin cuisine with traditional spices in a way that truly highlights all of Puerto Rico’s amazing flavours. Savour all of the traditional Puerto Rican dishes you love along with their famous signature dishes and cocktails.

2. Pal Campo – Tampa, Florida

Set in the hearts of the Sunshine State in Orlando and Tampa, Pal Campo serves some of the best Puerto Rican food around. They pride themselves on providing a perfect blend of modern and traditional Puerto Rican fare. Take your pick from any of their delicious dishes such as mofongo, stuffed churrasco and chuletas kan kan. Be sure to order one of their legendary mojitos to seal the deal.

best puerto rican restaurants us

3. La Perla – Oakland, California

Oakland boasts one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in the country – La Perla. This upbeat Latin eatery serves all of your favourites from chicharron de pollo to empanadilla. Each dish is loaded with soul and traditional flavours from the small bites onto the entrees. Whether you’re looking for a full-blown Puerto Rican feast or a bocadillo, La Perla is the place to be.

best puerto rican restaurants us

4. Millie’s Cafe – Mesa, Arizona

This unassuming diner churns out high-quality, mouthwatering traditional Puerto Rican standards on a daily basis. Head to Millie’s Cafe if you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in all of the flavours and dishes of Puerto Rican cuisine. From their Caribbean-inspired sandwiches to the various different ways they cook plantains, there’s nothing here that’s not a true delight.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Arizona

5. Chago’s – Austin, Texas

This family-owned and operated Puerto Rican eatery is a true Texas gem. Situated in Texas’ food capital, Austin, Chago’s delivers on all fronts when it comes to great food. You’ll find their menu is loaded with Caribbean favourites like churrasco a la Parrilla and Puerto Rican paella. Be sure to check out their legendary camarones salteados made with sauteed shrimp in a white wine garlic sauce and yuca mofongo.

best puerto rican restaurants us

6. El Lechon de Negron – Union Township, New Jersey

El Lechon de Negron is the epitome of great Puerto Rican food. From their endless pork options to their crowd-drawing papa rellenas it isn’t hard to see why they are one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in the US. Work your way through their menu with an order of morcilla, alcapurria and chuletas fritas. Whatever you do, though, don’t forget the flan.

best puerto rican restaurants us

7. Casa Adela – New York City, New York

Casa Adela has been an Avenue C staple since 1976. This community-centric Puerto Rican restaurant serves up some of the best chuletas fritas and pollo guisado in the US. Treat yourself to any one of the chef specialities for the meal of a lifetime. Wash it down with some of their fresh-squeezed orange juice or agua de coco.

8. La Fabrica Central – Boston, Massachusetts

This bumping Puerto Rican joint doubles as a night club and a restaurant. Whether you go for the party scene and drinks or to chow down on some delicious food, La Fabrica Central has you covered. Treat yourself to their chicharron de pollo that’s marinated in an achiote-garlic adobo or some of their famous bread pudding. Either way, you’ll be raving about them for days.

best puerto rican restaurants us

9. Mi Viejo San Juan – Orlando, Florida

Mi Viejo San Juan or My Old San Juan in English will transport you right to the streets of San Juan. This Orlando institution is the authority on great Puerto Rican food in Florida. Whether you’re after some classic papa rellenas or empanadas or are looking for a hefty platter of seafood and mofongo, they’ve got you. Be sure to try the tembleque for dessert and have a glass of the house sangria – trust us.

10. La Famosa – Washington, DC

World-class Caribbean bites, warm service and rum are just a few things that make La Famosa one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in the US. Owned and run by Puerto Rican chef Joancarlo Parkhurst you can be sure that each bite is filled with authentic flavours that will transport you to the beautiful island. Start off with some hearty bolitas de queso followed by their expertly seasoned chuleta kan-kan. Seal it off with one of La Famosa’s rum cocktails.

best puerto rican restaurants us

11. Ponce Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is home to one of the most diverse food scenes in the country, so it’s no surprise they’ve got some great Puerto Rican restaurants. Namely, Ponce. Nobody does atmosphere, affordability and delicious traditional Puerto Rican fare quite like them. Whether you opt for the bistec encebollado or their famous patelillos – you’ll definitely be back for more.

best puerto rican restaurants us

12. Ay Bendito Con Sabor a Puerto Rico – Miami, Florida

With a name that translates to “blessed with the flavours of Puerto Rico” you know you’re in good hands. Ay Bendito Con Sabor a Puerto Rico, is one of the top places in the US for incredible Puerto Rican food. This food truck is legendary for serving some of the most delicious camarones al ajillo and tostones rellenos around. Be sure to arrive early to get the best picks of the menu del dia.

13. Don Guillo – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nobody and we mean nobody does homestyle churrasco like Don Guillo in Colorado Springs. This cosy family-style restaurant serves up the absolute best Puerto Rican bites in the whole of Colorado. They check all the boxes on authenticity, service and great hospitality making their status as one of the best in the country a no brainer.

14. Sol Food – San Rafael, California

Juicy rotisserie chicken, rich arroz con huevos and habichuelas rosadas are just a few of the famous dishes that Sol Food whips up. This Puerto Rican gem can be found in San Rafael and Mill Valley and is a favourite among tourists and locals alike. Be sure to ask for the daily specials and load up on flan de coco or pudin de pina before you leave.

best puerto rican restaurants us

15. Sofrito – New York City, New York

Sofrito is THE place to be for all things Puerto Rican food and drink. This lively bar-restaurant is known for having a perfect blend of atmosphere, delicious food and stellar hospitality. Treat yourself to a classic churrasco smothered in chimichurri sauce with yucca fries or chow down on the spicy oxtail stew. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

best puerto rican restaurants us

16. Vejigantes Restaurant – Boston, Massachusetts 

This Boston staple is serving up some of the best Puerto Rican Fare in the US of A. From their drool-worthy chuletas to their perfectly crisped chicharrones, it’s not hard to see why they are so popular among tourists and locals alike. Best part? They’ve got a killer drink lineup to wet your whistle. Take your pick from any of their Puerto Rican cocktails like their famous coquitini made with coconut milk and Don Q or sombrero with kahlua and milk.

17. Tex-Chick – Houston, Texas 

Tex-Chick in Houston is one of the best in the biz when it comes to comforting, authentic and tasty Puerto Rican fare. Every last one of the menu items is made homestyle with loads of love and flavour in every bite. Get your fill with some crispy empanadas that will blow your mind or chow down on some crazy good mofongo for a real treat.

18. La Peña Horeb – Newport News, Virginia

La Peña Horeb kills it when it comes to homestyle Puerto Rican and Mexican food. Take your pick from any of their incredible menu items from their famous pernil mofongos to pollo guisado. They take good food seriously at La Peña Horeb with a big emphasis on fresh ingredients and recipes that never lack in authenticity or taste.

best puerto rican restaurants us

19. El Sabor – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ask any local where to find the best Puerto Rican food in Philly, and they’ll point you to El Sabor on Diamond Street. This cosy Caribbean joint is known for their heaping portions, family atmosphere and world-class hospitality. From the tostones to humble rice and beans, you can’t go wrong with any of their menu items. Be sure to grab some bakery treats for the trip home.

best puerto rican restaurants us

20. Boriken Restaurant – Beaverton, Oregon

Named after the native name of Puerto Rico, Boriken Restaurant aims to serve all your PR favourites in an authentic and atmospheric setting. To say Boriken cares for their guests is an understatement. They really go above and beyond to make sure their guests feel like family. Load up on some of their tasty maduros or get your fill with their crispy chicharrones. Either way, you’ll definitely be ordering seconds.

21. The Freakin Rican – Astoria, New York

When it comes to classic Puerto Rican fare with a lively atmosphere and stellar service, The Freakin Rican is second to none. The Freakin Rican is dedicated to creative and wholesome Caribbean food from classic bites to innovative picks all around. Load up on their infamous crispy wings with guava and chow down on their insane bistec encebollado that will leave you in awe. Don’t forget dessert, either!

22. Buen Provecho – Hamilton, New Jersey

Buen Provecho or ‘bon appetit’ is one of the best around when it comes to down-home Puerto Rican fare. This BYOB Puerto Rican favourite is famous for its authentic dishes, down to earth atmosphere and unmatched service. Treat yourself to any one of their delectable menu items for a Caribbean meal you won’t be forgetting soon. We recommend starting with the fried pork bites with caramelized onions and working up to the “El Jibaro” consisting of grilled skirt steak smothered in a mango chimichurri.


23. Adobo – Irving, Texas

Adobo in Irving is one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Texas for its delicious menu options and service with a smile. Take your pick from their world-class pork chops with rice and beans or slop up some authentic cuajito. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the pastelillo de camarones for a real taste of PR.

24. El Pollo Colorao Puerto Rican Eatery – Palm Coast, Florida

For one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in the US head to El Pollo Colorao. This Palm Coast gem is a staple in Florida’s PR scene. Their menu is loaded with Caribbean delights that will satisfy all your Puerto Rican cravings. Take your pick from their guava BBQ chicken or house chicharrones that are to die for.

25. El Nuevo Fruitlandia – San Francisco

Nobody blends Puerto Rican and Cuban flavours quite like El Nuevo Fruitlandia. In a city known for its incredibly diverse food scene, it’s no surprise that it also has one of the best Peurto Rican restaurants in the US. Whether you’re after a full-on feast of lechon horneado or just want to snack on some delicious tostones – El Nuevo Fruitlandia has you in mind. Don’t forget to save room for their yummy pastelitos de guayaba.

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