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The 7 Best Burgers In Fort Worth 2020

With the country starting to reopen, people are hitting up restaurants again. So, we decided to suss out the best burgers in Fort Worth. With so many amazing options to choose from it was hard to narrow it down, but you can’t go another moment without trying these beauties.

From classic cheeseburgers to buns that are absolutely loaded with toppings, there is something here for everybody.

So grab a couple of friends and get ready to get stuck into some seriously good hamburgers. The best in town!

Best Burgers In Fort Worth 2020

1. Rodeo Goat

Rodeo Goat has a huge menu that is packed full of their wonderful creations. The toppings are super imaginative, with so many options that you have every excuse to keep coming back on a regular basis. Try their Cowboy Murrin Burger which comes with a smattering of burger toppings including smoked bacon and their special house BBQ sauce.

Add in a great selection of craft beers and this is the sort of place you will very quickly fall in love with.

2. Dutch’s Hamburgers

They opened in 2007 and the name Dutch’s was chosen to combine plenty of Fort Worth and TCU heritage for the new college café.

The burgers themselves feature super juicy patties and are classic in style, with some unique options too. With their unique burger creations, they focus on maintaining a freshness to their burgers, like ingeniously spreading avocado on their Texana Burger. Order a side tater tots and you have about as tasty a meal as you could wish for.

3. Fred’s Texas Cafe

With three locations across the city you are never too far from one of their outlets and that is a good thing. They have been making burgers since 1978 so they know a thing or two about what they do!

The burgers come loaded with cheese and perfectly crisp bacon, along with some of the best fries you will ever taste.

4. Shaw’s Patio Bar & Grill

They are best known for the burgers, big salads and a quality weekend brunch. The key is grabbing yourself an outdoor seat and enjoying the food in the sun.

The only thing tastier than the burgers here are the cocktails, which makes this the ideal place to come with a group of friends. When it comes to burgers in Fort Worth, you can never go wrong here.

5. Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

A no-fuss burger joint that does amazing sandwiches and hot dogs as well as tasty homemade lemonade. As soon as you sit down and look at your food you know you are in for a seriously comforting experience.

For spicy-burger lovers, try their Tabasco-fused beef patty burger, the Project X. Seems to get better with every single year that goes by. A true local institution.

burgers In Fort Worth

6. Kincaid’s Hamburgers

Kincaid’s Hamburgers has been serving some of the best burgers in Fort Worth since the 1940’s. A fast casual place that is best known for their burgers and their to-die-for milkshakes. The burgers come absolutely loaded with toppings, so make sure you come here with a serious appetite!

Their crinkle cut fries and the onion rings also deserve a very special mention.

burgers In Fort Worth

7. M&O Station Grill

M&O Station Grill pride themselves on offering two of the most important things in life. Great burgers and seriously cold beer. To say they deliver on both fronts would be a serious understatement.

The portions are big, with double patties being the way to go. You can make your own or go for one of their super popular menu items. Either way, you will be in heaven after a single bite. Divine.

burgers In Fort Worth

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