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The 7 Best Places For A Cheat Meal In Miami

Miami was recently named the Sexiest City in the World. However, that doesn’t mean that all of the sexy people who live and visit this South Florida city don’t indulge every once in a while. 

Whether you live in this beautiful coastal city or are just passing through for a fantastic beach vacation, you desert to treat yourself to some of the best food in the entire country. Skip the diet today, you’re in paradise.

Here are the seven best places for a cheat meal in Miami.

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1. The Salty Donut

Start your cheat day off with a visit to The Salty Donut, one of the absolute best places for craft coffee and delicious doughnuts in Miami. Here, you’ll be able to fuel up for the rest of your indulgent day as you devour perfectly-brewed coffee and artisanal doughnuts. We suggest their cake batter doughnut. It tastes like a birthday in heaven.

Cheat Meal Miami

2. Killer Melts

Fancy something a little more savoury? Head over to Killer Melts where you can treat yourself to super cheesy grilled cheeses, juicy burgers, and loaded fries. While their grilled cheese sandwiches are their claim to fame, anything you get here’s loaded with flavour and quality ingredients that taste absolutely delicious. Definitely don’t miss out on their loaded fries.

Best Places for Cheat Meals Miami

3. Blue Collar

There are few things better than good ‘ole comfort food for a cheat day. If you really want to go all out on a cheat meal in Miami, then head to Blue Collar. There, they serve comfort food-style dishes in a revamped ‘70s-style space. Enjoy delectable dishes that range from spare ribs and shrimp po boy sandwiches all the way to jambalaya.

Breakfast Spots in Miami

4. 109 Burger Joint

Hefty artisan burgers and craft beer are on the menu at 109 Burger Joint, one of the best places for a cheat meal in Miami. Here, you can spoil yourself with delectable treats that range from huge, juicy burgers all the way through to a fry sampler that includes regular fries, tater tots, sweet potato fries, and even truffle fries. Wow.

Best Burgers for Cheat Days in Miami

5. Bocas House

Fantastic, mouthwatering Peruvian food aside, what we’re really here for are the creative desserts that Bocas Hosue serves up. They serve fusion food that really fuels your appetite, but it’s their incredibly unique desserts that are perfect for a cheat day in Miami. Order any one of their monstrous milkshakes if you’re looking to see what paradise tastes like. Their Birthday Milkshake, for example, is a creamy funfetti milkshake with an actual birthday cake on top.

6. La Pizza

What’s a cheat day in Miami without some of the best pizza in the city? Top of any indulgent day with a few slices of pizza from La Pizza. Choose from Brooklyn style crust or Italian pizza, both of which are equally delicious. Then, wait as they wood-fire your pizza up in order to serve you some tasty, topping-filled pizza slices that rival any spot in Italy or even New York City.

7. World Famous House of Mac

While it might sound like this place serves up world-famous mac and cheese, and they do, they offer hungry guests so much more than mere macaroni and cheese. They whip up traditional favourites but in a truly unique, delicious way. Try their jerk pasta, fried chicken, or even their pumpkin spice waffles. It’s all sinful and savoury.

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