Chicken Wings In Illinois

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Illinois

From Chicago to beyond, there’s so much amazing food in this state. Burgers, hot dogs, and Michelin star meals, Illinois is a foodie’s delight. As for where to find the best chicken wings in Illinois? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s our top picks across the state…

Best Chicken Wings In IllinoisHow do these rankings work?

1. Great Sea Chinese Restaurant – Chicago

If you’re a chicken lover and somewhere around Chicago, then you need to try out this restaurant’s great chicken wing and burger menu. The wings are Asian in style and sticky, perfectly prepared so you can easily get at the proper meaty bits.

Great Sea Chinese Restaurant Chicken Wings

2. The Fifty/50 – Chicago

The Fifty/50 takes pride in fresh and local ingredients. Their wing hot sauce is made in-house from a blend of four peppers, by roasting them and then making a mash which is then seasoned, strained, and aged for 2-3 months depending on the heat.

Chicago chicken wings

3. TKG’S Wing Heaven – Decatur 

This really is wing heaven. TKG’S Wing heaven specializes in delivering cooked-to-order quality wings that are fried in their homemade sauce. TKG’s Wing Heaven also offers golden fried fish, breaded butterflied shrimp and much more. Must-eats are the wings though, no doubt.

4. Gators Wing Shack – Palatine

Gators Wing Shack is well known for being home to some of the best wings in Illinois. The shack serves award-winning wings fresh, hot and spicy. The Gators Wing Shack also serves pizza, burgers and fries, bringing the whole deal on one mouth-watering menu.

Image: @what.i.ate.yesterday

5. CRISP – Chicago

The wings at this joint are served crispy and fresh. The restaurant is probably one of the best wings joints in the city and has great customer service. CRISP super counter-service Korean restaurant specialising in fried chicken and wings. 

Chicago chicken wings

6. The Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern – Peoria

The restaurant provides top quality ingredients and exceptional service alongside you the best wings in the city. The name of the restaurant was inspired by the comedy Billy Madison and has a great menu, which includes smoked-then-fried Wings, nachos and fried dill pickle chips.

7. James’ Home Kitchen – Springfield

If you’re looking to eat something different, something with a taste that is both unique and mouth-watering, then Jame’s Home Kitchen, Springfield is the place to visit. The restaurant is famous for their jumbo chicken wings will satisfy your hunger in a matter of minutes! 

Image: @cheekygingerchef/Instagram

8. Black Dog Smoke & Ale House – Champaign

The joint offers family-styled ordering so you can order and pick your selection of their great chicken wings on the same day! Their smoked chicken wings are tossed in the deep fryer with Carolina Red BBQ sauce, giving them the great taste the people of Campaign cherish so dearly.

9. Dak – Chicago

The restaurant has a knack for making sure that the wings it serves are never-frozen and hormone and antibiotic free. It’s all about that tangy Dak sauce which is made from soy garlic and ginger. The portions are large, the service friendly and as you lick the sauce from your fingers you will already be planning your next visit.

10. Firewater BBQ & Grill – Crest Hill

This grill restaurant specializes in the flavors, traditions and hospitality of Southern style BBQ. They fry the wings here with the restaurant’s own spicy sauce which gives them that unique taste. Ideal for a proper, barbecue wing fest.

11. Crosstown Pub and Grill – Naperville

Wings. Beer. Rivalry. That’s a tagline we can get along with. The wings are famous for their hot and spicy taste and its Famous Chicken Wings come with mild seasoning along with Ranch or Blue cheese. Their deal on wings also includes drums and flappers.

12. Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap – Chicago

We’re not the only publication that’s a huge fan of this Chicago bar and eatery. If you’re anywhere near Chicago, you must try their bone-in and boneless wings with a variety of different sauces including Nashville Hot, BBQ, and the Firecracker.

13. Buffalo Wings & Rings – Chicago

Buffalo Wings & Rings has a flavor for every chicken-wing fan. You get to pick your style, flavor and choose the spice level for your heat tolerance. Finish it all off with their ranch, blue cheese and celery sticks.

Chicago chicken wings

14. Dac’s Smokehouse BBQ – Peoria

The restaurant has great service and some really good BBQ. Its chicken wings specialty includes its smoky chicken wings with a variety of sauces such as BBQ, buffalo, Carolina vinegar and many more. 

15. Watson’s Shack and Rail – Champaign 

Watson’s is a cosy chicken shack, bar and restaurant right in the heart of the city. The restaurant serves fried wings that are tossed in Carolina gold or Buffalo sauce. Watson’s Shack and Rail also offers great beer to wash the spicy wings down with.

16. Landbirds – Chicago

The flavor of their chicken wings is out of this world. Ordering them with Jasmine rice will double the taste and deliciousness of your meal. Landbirds also serves authentic Korean chicken wings for you to enjoy.

Landbirds Chicago wings

17. 15th & Chris – Rockford

The wings at 15th & Chris come with your choice of sauce, seasoning. Yum, yum and yum. Chow down on several choices of wing sauces including the BBQ sauce, Jerk Habenero sauce, Mild sauce and the Buffalo sauce.

Image: @rockfordeats/Instagram

18. Bayan Ko – Chicago

Bayan Ko makes some really good wings and serves excellent food. The restaurant is famous around town for having an every-dish-better-than-the-other menu. The wings are fried in BBQ sauce and come hot and fresh for your delight.

19. Shwings – Stone Park

Shwings’ wings are great in every way. The restaurant fries them in their own special sauces and the famous BBQ and Mild sauces. Shwings also offers chicken nuggets and boneless wings for the chicken lover inside us all.

20. Jexels Wing-Zeria – McHenry

This popular joint serves the chicken-lover just right! It offers wings for every heat tolerance. Its wings deals include the Garlic Parm, Honey BBQ, Mango Parm and the Crazy Mike and many more. When it comes to the best chicken wings in Illinois, this place is a must-try.

21. Output – Chicago

The restaurant serves up wings which are spun and fried in the sauce of your choice served with  ranch, blue cheese, and honey mustard and celery. It has great sauces for chicken wings, including the Lemon Pepper, Mild, BBQ, Teriyaki and the Original Hot sauces. The Output restaurant also serves great burgers and nachos.

22. It’s A Wing Thing – Rockford

This local favourite is a great place for chicken lovers. Chicken wings come with your pick of droolworthy sauce for dipping, along with a side of your choice. There’s all kinds of deals for chicken wings and fries, so you can really pig out.

23. Schooner’s – Peoria Heights

The restaurant has some of the best wings in town! The wings are mouth watering and arrive fresh and hot right out of the pan for you to devour. Schooner’s also serves classic root beer and tasty mozzarella sticks to enjoy alongside your order of wings.

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24. McWethey’s Sports Bar – Bolingbrok

The sports bar is a popular place for friends and family to come and chill out. The restaurant has more than 30 TVs and serves award-winning jumbo chicken wings,  prime steak burgers and much more. It’s those crispy wings that are a must-order though.

25. Engrained Brewery – Springfield

The restaurant serves a great variety of exquisite dishes, including some nicely spicy, crispy chicken wings. The jumbo chicken wings here are the real deal. Take your choice from BBQ, buffalo, sweet chili, or Nic’s honey sriracha glaze for a real flavour kick.

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