The 7 Best Pizzas In Cleveland

This is a city with a food scene that will take you by surprise and wow you the second you arrive. Cleveland pizza is as good as any you’ll find in the country and we wanted to pick the 7 best for you.

Our list includes deep dish, single slices, classic Italian and New York-style. There is something for everybody.

All you have to do is grab a buddy and head out and get eating through the list. Forget the gym or the diet that can wait for tomorrow. Here are the seven best Cleveland pizza spots.

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1. Vero Pizza Napoletana

Their pies couldn’t be more classical in style and are so authentic you might as well be sitting in Naples, Italy eating them.

Cooked within a couple of minutes in their wood-fired oven, it’s all about the beautiful springy and chewy dough. Make sure to leave some room for their homemade gelato though.

2. Citizen Pie

Wood-fired and Neapolitan inspired, these pies are to die for. Slightly thinner than some classic pizzas but the combination of slightly charred crusts and fresh toppings are a dream.

You can tell how much love, attention and passion goes into every single pie. Some of the best Cleveland pizza you will ever taste.

3. Vincenza’s Pizza & Pasta

Vincenza’s is a no-nonsense Italian restaurant where all the attention is on delivering great food.

Their pasta dishes (Lasagna especially) are delicious, but you’d be foolish to come here and not have pizza. Do make sure to come with a serious appetite though as the portions are absolutely massive.

4. Crust

The dough at Crust is hand-tossed from scratch and it is slow raised and baked at 550 degrees to lock in the natural aroma and flavour.

Share a pie with a friend, or even better, mix and match a few different slices to experience their wide range of innovative fresh toppings.

5. Sainato’s

When a restaurant has been around like this one has for 45 years you know they are doing something right.

Half-restaurant and half-sports bar, Sainato’s has one of the best casual dining menus in the city. The perfect place to come with friends for some pie, cold beers and to see the big game.

6. Il Rione

New York-style pizza that is as good as anything you’ll find in the Big Apple itself.

Their pies are visually stunning and made for sharing. Throw in some great cocktails and this is the perfect place to start a night out. There’s lots of great toppings but keep it classic would be our advice – pizza this good needs very little added to it.

7. Humble Wine Bar

What’s better than just pizza? Pizza and wine together of course! Humble Wine Bar has the dream combination.

This place is a mecca for lovers of both those great treats. You might get drawn in by the wine at first, but once you taste their super crispy pizzas and have them matched up by staff with a glass of vino you’ll be hooked for life.

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Big 7 Travel Team