Coolest Passport Stamps

The 7 Coolest Passport Stamps In The World

Japan and Singapore are tied for having the most powerful passport in the world. But, as long as you’ve got one, honestly, you’ll be able to travel to the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Exciting, right? Yes!

If you’re like other avid travellers, the coveted passport stamps are exciting to rack up as well. Meet any serial traveller and they’ll likely be able to tell you how many passports they’ve filled up due to passport stamps. And, just like passports, not all stamps are created equal.

Check out seven of the world’s coolest passport stamps, ranging from traditional to downright outrageous.

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Coolest Passport Stamps

1. Cook Islands

Rarotonga is the largest of the Cook Islands, and it’s likely the island you’ll arrive on first as it’s home to the airport. Upon arriving, you’ll receive a passport stamp. But, not the cool one. To get the really cool one, you’ll have to head to the island of Atutaki where they’ll give you a stamp in the form of…a foot? Yes, a foot, with the words “One Foot Island.”

Coolest Passport Stamps
Image: Discover Cook Islands

2. Cuba

Ever seen a pink passport stamp? If you haven’t then you should hop on the first plane to Cuba. Cuban passport stamps are bright pink and actually quite festive. But, honestly, would you expect anything else from an island famous for classic cars and strong daiquiris?

Image: This Vagabond Life

3. Antarctica

Why doesn’t Antarctica issue official passport stamps for visitors to this icy, uninhabited continent? Technically, it’s ruled by more than 50 different countries, placing it in a bit of a grey area. So, instead of opting for the non-existent passport stamps at the airport, you can get souvenir ones from research stations. And, they come with penguins!

Antarctica Passport Stamps

4. Cayman Islands

If you arrive to the Cayman Islands by cruise ship then you’ll have to head to the Immigration Office in the city to receive one of the coolest passport stamps in the world. Once inside, they’ll gladly help you with any questions you have about the islands and then stamp your passport with a peg-legged turtle.

5. Easter Island

The Easter Island stamp might be the holy grail of passport stamps. However, getting it isn’t as easy as it might seem. Want the Moai statues in your passport? You’re going to have to head the the local, very unassuming Rapa Nui post office. They’re open less than eight hours a day, so make sure you check the times before heading out.

How to Get the Easter Island Passport Stamp

6. Mauritius

Located close to the famed Madagascar island, Mauritius is a small island that’s just becoming popular amongst the tourist circuit. And, for those looking to interesting passport stamps, the Mauritius one is sure to impress. It’s got a dodo bird on it, which was native to the island.

7. Iran

What makes Iran’s passport stamps some of the coolest passport stamps in the world isn’t the style, it’s actually the date. Instead of following the traditional Gregorian Calendar, they use the Solar Hijra Calendar, which means that in 2020 it’ll be the year 1441. Interesting to have a stamp with that date, huh? While they announced back in June that they’ll no longer be stamping passports, a few travellers have noted that they’ll still do it if you ask nicely.

Coolest Passport Stamps in the World
Image: Kayhan Life
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