7 Coronavirus Airport Precautions To Take

As countries implement travel bans and the tourism industry struggles to stay afloat amidst the spread of coronavirus, travellers all over the world are either having their flights cancelled, are scrambling to cancel their flights or are wondering what kind of coronavirus airport precautions they need to take for air travel.

In a poll we conducted, 72% of people reported that they are more concerned about travelling during the coronavirus outbreak. And, 42% of people have or are considering cancelling international travel plans. However, not everybody can cancel.

If you have to fly home to see family or simply can’t cancel a trip, you’ll want to follow some recommendations regarding precautions to take when passing through and airport. Coronavirus screenings might not be enough.

Coronavirus Airport Precautions To Take

1. Wash Your Hands

This is the number one tip that WHO and the CDC have given to individuals whether they plan to travel or not. Wash your hands and wash them well. This is especially true if you plan to be in a public place such as an airport for an extended period of time. It’s also one of the easiest airport precautions to take because it’s something you should already be used to doing anyway (right?).

2. Check-In Online

To avoid person-to-person contact, it’s best if you check-in online. This will prevent you from having to head to the check-in counter where you might touch surfaces or objects that others have touched. If you have bags to check, leave them in a bag drop area or ask an attendant if they’re implementing some sort of policy for bag drops.

Coronavirus Airport Precautions To Take

3. Place Personal Objects in Plastic Bags

Once you’ve dropped your checked bags off, you’ll have to go through security. And, you’ll likely have to take personal objects out and put them into a bin (your laptop, keys and other electronics). To reduce the spread of germs, place them into a plastic bag so they don’t touch the bins that others have used.

Coronavirus Airport Precautions To Take

4. Use Your Phone

Checking in online usually means you can receive an e-ticket straight to your phone. Use this at the airport instead of handing a paper ticket back and forth. And, you’ll also want to use your phone to pay if it’s possible. This reduces the need to hand a card back and forth or touch any payment terminals. If you can’t pay with your phone, try to avoid as much contact with the payment terminal as possible.

5. Cough & Sneeze Into Your Arm

Normal coughing is, well, normal. It’s normal to cough when you’ve got something stuck in your throat. And, because most people know they’re not sick, they don’t cover their mouths. However, during a time in which coronavirus is spreading so rapidly, it’s a good idea to be courteous and cover your mouth whenever you sneeze or cough. After you sneeze, wash or sanitize your hands.

6. Carry Hand Sanitizer

If you can’t wash your hands after touching public surfaces that others have used, it’s a good idea to carry around hand sanitizer with you so you can clean your hands. Don’t be excessive about it. Health officials have recommended sanitizing your hands after you touch public surfaces such as a door handle or light switch.

7. Don’t Panic

Perhaps one of the best coronavirus airport precautions to take is to not panic. Panicking only leads to more hysteria, which is exactly the opposite of what the world needs right now. Remain calm, take the necessary safety precautions and practice social distancing.

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