Best Craft Beer Breweries Bay Area

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In San Francisco

The Bay Area of California is truly an oasis of quality craft beer breweries. As home to 120 different breweries and brewpubs, you really don’t have to look far in order to find great craft beer in San Francisco.

However, not every brewery is equal, and some of the best craft beer bars in San Francisco might not be where you’d imagine to find them. Quaint brewpubs and trendy little bars await you in this trendy city’s sprawling sea of craft beer.

Ready to down a few cold ones? Head to one of the seven best craft beer bars in San Francisco to indulge in some of the country’s finest beer.

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1. The Monk’s Kettle

We recently ranked The Monk’s Kettle as the best craft beer bar in California and one of the best in the entire country. So, if you’re looking for quality craft beer in San Francisco, you’ll want to start by paying a visit to this place. The atmosphere is intimate and cosy, as wood-panelled bars always seem to make you feel. As for the beer, expect a rotating tap menu of nearly 29 draught beers and over 150 bottles to sample from. 

2. Mikkeller Bar

If you’ve explored the famous breweries of Copenhagen then you might be familiar with this trendy spot. Mikkeller Bar is the first American version of the same bar in Denmark and serves up the same spectacular service. Choose from 42 different beers on tap or sample one of the over 100 bottles they’ve got. In the basement, you’ll find a secret room for sours, so head here ready to explore hidden secrets that are just as tasty as they are intriguing.

Best Craft Beer Bars in San Francisco

3. Toronado

Toronado is without a doubt one of the best dive bars in the United States, and San Francisco locals will agree. However, they were also one of the first bars in the Golden City to introduce quality craft beers, back before it was trending. At Toronado, you can sip some 45 different beers on tap, but be sure you head to the bar front with a few choices already selected. This cash-only bar is famous for being home to some blunt bartenders. But, it’s all in good fun.

Craft Beer San Francisco

4. Zeitgeist

Looking for the most popular beer garden and bar patio in San Francisco? You’ll find it at Zeitgeist, a cash-only bar that feels more like a trendy home than a stuffy beer bar. At Zeitgeist, you can choose from 45 beers on tap, all of which are organised by flavour. This makes it easier for the newbies to discover their own taste preferences, which range from the hoppiest of hops straight through to sweet and sour stouts.

5. 21st Amendment Brewery

Pub grub and quality brunch might draw the tourists into the 21st Amendment Brewery. But, it’s the quality craft beers that attract locals and true aficionados. The inside of the brewpub is spacious and airy, giving guests plenty of room to enjoy the delicious house brews they’ve got on tap. Recently, the San Francisco Press voted this place as being the “Best Brewpub” in the city and home to the “Best Happy Hour” in San Francisco.

6. Hopwater Distribution

The mission at Hopwater Distribution is to offer an enlightening experience free from beer-snobbery, and that’s exactly what they achieve. This elevated taproom is the place to go if you’re visiting and want to try local California craft beers. Exposed brick walls and a no-frills bar place the main focus is on what people come for: the best craft beer in San Francisco.

Best Craft Beer Breweries Bay Area

7. The Crafty Fox Ale House

A rotating tap list of 36 well-crafted beers is what you’ll find at The Crafty Fox Ale House, one of the most laidback bars on this list. Local and national beers fill the taps here, ensuring that visitors get a variety of choice. And, their elevated food menu features dishes such as rabbit pate and tasty tacos. Locals note that they’ve got one of the best selections of beers in the city. And, their menu makes it a great place to enjoy an entire afternoon after touring the city.

Craft Beer San Francisco

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