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The 7 Best Craft Breweries in Houston

There is an amazing beer scene in the city, so we wanted to share the very best craft breweries Houston. Houston has been one of the cities pushing beer culture forward over the last number of years, with a quality scene and passionate consumers. The amount of choice out there now is just mind-blowing.

These are the places way ahead of the game, who make drinking beer even more enjoyable than it normally is. Time to round up a couple of friends and bring them to one of the best craft breweries Houston has to offer.

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1. Sigma Brewing Company

Sigmae Brewing Company is named after the Greek letter which is used as a summation operator in math, engineering, and in science. They choose the name because those values are how they think about beer, and the importance it has in the founders’ lives.

Their beers are not only beautifully presented, but also come with unusual and intriguing flavours. Outside seating and to-go beer are just two of the reasons to come here on a repeat basis.

2. 8th Wonder Brewery

This a wonderful oasis of fermented fun in East Downtown Houston. They have dozens of beers on tap which rotate on a regular basis. The staff will be only too happy to guide you through the taste profiles.

The also have their own cans and bottles and are growing all the time as the world discovers the amazing beer they have to offer. As soon as you visit, you will become an instant fan.

3. Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Their biggest selling point (besides the beer) is a massive covered outdoor seating area. The place is always buzzing, so it’s an ideal location to spend time with good friends over some tasty beer.

They have a huge selection of craft brews to choose from and also pair them up with the food from their kitchen which is world class. Visiting here is a proper beer drinking experience.

4. Holler Brewing Co.

The tap list constantly rotates based on the season and they are constantly adding new brews to tempt you with. All beers are available to go in 16 or 32 oz “Twistee Cans” which you can also gran online.

Their terrace is a lovely place to drink beer into the evening, as it is always buzzing with fellow happy customers.

5. Karbach Brewing Co.

Karbach Brewing Co. use classic German techniques to make the beer and have a large selection to choose from. Add in some lovely food that is created especially pair with the beers and this is an ideal place for a day out.

They also have their very own beer garden, which is easily one of the best places in the city to drink beer when the sun shines.

craft breweries Houston

6. Brash Brewing

Brash Brewing first opened in 2012 and have built a loyal following since then with their truly iconic beers. The brand is built around beer with an attitude, which feeds into everything that they do. The packaging is especially iconic.

At the core though, is a wonderful product which you will quickly grow to love and seek out. A truly great beer.

craft breweries Houston

7. Spindletap Brewery

Their beers come in a huge selection of small and big cans. These are beautifully designed and which feature gorgeous colours. Inside you will find a whole host of flavours, which will leave any beer lover totally satisfied.

While you will find their product all over the city in stores and bars, it is their own taproom where it really shines. Fresh, delicious and utterly thirst quenching. Not to be missed!

craft breweries Houston

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